Art in Waiting Rooms and Institutions

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Beautiful, calming and relaxing art should be mandatory in institutions, hospitals and waiting rooms. Art is therapy.

Waiting Rooms Should be Art Galleries

Waiting for the doctor to call your name in a waiting room is boring. It is also quite intimidating or even scary. Most waiting rooms have books and toys for the children to help them get their focus away from the painful part. For adults there are only some year old magazines and a couple of newspapers or medical magazines. Most people have read the news before they get there, and reading about all kinds of illnesses won't make you healthier.

Everyone is entitled to see great art, and the waiting rooms would be a perfect gallery for offering art to the public. Beautiful and calming art would help people in pain to forget the present for a few seconds or even minutes.

The display of artworks in a waiting room could be changed on a regular basis. Why not let local painters and photographers display their calming pieces for one month each. It would help their sales, get some action in the local art community and probably make the patients more happy.

The Right Art in the Right Place

Art can be both energizing and relaxing depending on which colors you choose. Green and blue are relaxing colors, orange and red are energizing. The staff should have energizing pieces in their own areas, while the patients would benefit from more relaxing images as well as something cheerful. In my opinion it is more important to hang the "right" art in the right place than to spend millions on art just because the painter is famous and then put it where people neither understand nor appreciate it.

Art in Prisons

I would recommend art in prisons too. I have seen great artwork made by prisoners; paintings and woodworks etc. The beauty in their work made me think that they must have a dream that there still is something good out there in spite of whatever evil led them to their criminal acts. There are many talents in prisons other than the criminal talents. Those who don't get the chance to express themselves in a creative way should at least get the chance to enjoy art whether it's on the wall or in a book. It might give them some hope about a better future when they are released, and maybe that's what it takes to become better persons.

Art is for everyone!


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I am a photographer hoping my art will give the viewer a moment of escape. I will write about art and also add some photo challenges as well as everyday stories and travels.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Jan 2014 (#)

Good share Graceful. Art based on nature is always soothing especially when one is not well - siva

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author avatar madugundurukmini
3rd Jan 2014 (#)

fine arts

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
3rd Jan 2014 (#)

True dat!
Seriously...I agree.
In meet the author you mention"lots of ideas on where beautiful art would make an impact" I think it's a good bet your eye and camera will see and capture real "Life" beautiful art that will make an impact.
However, I think I may prefer to see your art in Doctor's offices rather than prisons.
Only the best,

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author avatar Graceful
3rd Jan 2014 (#)

Thank you, Dan for your kind comment! Much appreciated!

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author avatar Retired
3rd Jan 2014 (#)

I too believe art is therapy. Nice to see you here on Wikinut as well as over there on the Bubble place

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author avatar Graceful
3rd Jan 2014 (#)

Hi Jacky! You're the one who introduced me to Wikinut! Thank you!

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