Arthritis and Diagnosis

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Joint pain, progressive stiffness from swelling, chills, fever from normal activities are likely indicators of the starting of osteoarthritis. The same joints on both sides of the body experiences swelling, inflammation is painful with stiffness in fingers, legs, arms and wrists.

Arthritis and Diagnosis

Signs of rheumatoid are seen especially on awakening. Infectious arthritis may occur from fever, joint inflammation, sharp pain associated with an injury or illness. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis occurs in children who may experience intermittent fever, appetite loss, weight loss, anemia, rash on arms and legs. It might also cause joint stiffness, limp or joint swelling in children. The following are the Symptoms which needs immediate attention of a doctor :

Pain and stiffness comes on quickly from an injury or unknown cause.

Pain may be accompanied by fever.

Joints become extremely tender with redness and are painful.

Pain and stiffness in arms, legs, back after sitting for short periods or after sleep.

Child developing pain or rash on armpits, wrists, knees, ankles, fever swings, loss of appetite, weight loss.

People tend to associate arthritis as an inevitable part of the aging process as there is no last lasting cure for this disease. But, with passage of time and advancement of medical science, living with arthritis has become more bearable. Arthritis is best treated if diagnosed from its inception as this decreases symptoms and long-term complications. Arthritis is diagnosed based on the pattern of symptoms, medical history, family history, proper physical examination and lab tests. Patients suffering from this disease need to learn about the disease and know how to take care of themselves. A health care professional can provide good tips and help regain in self-control and confidence. There is no other medicine better than exercise, which is important for preserving joint mobility and for maintaining flexibility. But to start with, one needs to consult the doctor to create a program that meets the immediate needs. Exercises like walking, running, yoga, tai-chi can provide relief from pain and be fit. Arthritis causes fatigue & weakening of muscles which calls for bed rest.

One can also compensate with a short nap. If required, one may use supporting devices like braces or canes to reduce stress on knees. Following the program religiously will help the patient to overcome pain and lead a happy and healthy life. Fruits like orange, persimmons, tangerines, papayas have high levels of beta-cryptoxanthin per serving. This helps is fighting the disease and reducing it. It’s good to consume fruits daily which will keep the person fit and healthy and reduce complications which arise from the disease.

Arthritis may be prevented by consuming Green Tea, which is said to have health benefits. Severity of rheumatoid arthritis may be effectively reduced by consuming Green tea which has antioxidants called polyphenols as indicated by National Academy of Sciences. Vegetables like peas, spinach, cauliflower, beans, and mushrooms should form part of the dietary program. Meat and seafood is to be taken only after proper consultation.


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I have seen one too many of my loved ones suffer with arthritis, it really is a painful disease. Thank you for sharing.:)
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