Asanas needed for good meditation

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This page is related to meditation technique and how to warm up yourself to do a perfect meditation.

Asanas needed for good meditation

Meditation is a exercise or technique by which you can increase the quantity of alpha wave brain produces and improve your cognitive ability. It is used for many years in India and other parts of Asia as all in all technique for physical and mental cure and relieve.

But doing meditation in a proper way and in a compose manner is not that easy, it takes perseverance as well as skill. So, people who are new to meditation needs to try at least for two weeks then decide about quitting. I don't think after two weeks of successful meditation anybody will quit.

So, to be successful one needs to do a little exercise and then concentrate on asanas , only after that consider to do meditation. Three asanas are essential to start your 'Narisuddhi' - cleansing of body an mind. Those are -

1. Kapalbhati : Kapalbhati is a asana where you have to completely concentrate on breathing out, not the breath in part. You sit in 'Padmasana' pose with a straight backbone. And then try to breath out as forcefully as you can. Breath in as little as needed to repeat the procedure. Do it at least for 5 minutes at start and increase the time as your body permits.

2. Alulom - Belulom : This asana is a relaxing technique which is a must to expedite the meditation result and 'nari-suddhi'. Sit in Padmasana as before and close the left nostril with your thumb and inhale with right nostril and then close the right nostril with your middle finger and breath out with the left nostril. Repeat the process for at least five minute. You can feel the result instantly.

3. Relax Breathing : After this two asanas you will still be padmasana. Be in that posture and relax. Breath in and out as deep as you can. Do it for 2-3 minutes with your eyes open.

After doing the above three asanas you are ready to so meditation. This asanas are as useful as meditation itself, so don't ignore them to have a rapid meditation experience. One advise, quit smoking or try to smoke less when trying do meditation as a serious student.


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