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It is said "ask and ye shall receive"; trouble is much of today's society is about demands - I demand you get out of my way, or we demand that you conform. Yet the truth is that so much more is possible when you ask instead of demanding.

Demands, Demands, Demands

Ever had anyone say "you are not allowed to stop here" or "you're not supposed to do that". Of course it is one thing that will put you on the defensive and make you stand your ground. So many demands! Surely more than any person can handle. Demands are probably that cause of the majority of conflict that we have experienced in our lives, and the lives of others around the world.

Do you really want to help anyone who comes at you demanding something, especially when what they want works against your needs? not generally. In all Likelihood you will be telling them a flat "No!" or perhaps something with a few more expletives after it. (Of course our tempers are at that moment raised and we become obstinate).

What makes things worse is when fresh demands are added after a stream of prior demands. The fresh demand makes you feel so very insignificant.

Asking is a Much Better Way

Take the same situation and picture that same person asking rather than demanding and you are likely to treat them altogether differently. You are even more likely to help when they listen to your concerns and propose a mutually helpful solution.

Synergy is always better than conflict, yet for many this seems a hard lesson to learn. There are certainly many groups where conflict takes first priority.

Have you Asked?

So much more is possible when you ask instead of demanding. Next time you have to inconvenience someone please do not demand, ask. But ask in such a way that shows you sympathise.

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