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While others can give us only a little of the world, God can place the entire world at our feet. All we have to do is ask...

Why ask from others?

Man's mind is nothing but a bundle of desires. Every moment of his life, he keeps asking for something or the other. He runs from one object to another, one wish to another, fruitlessly, never finding satisfaction. While having desires itself is undesirable, asking others to fulfil our desires, and expecting them to be able to do so is worse. Not having desires is something that is very difficult to do, but we can at least avoid further sorrow by not running after people to find satisfaction.

After all what do we get by asking others? Most of the time we never achieve what we wanted. We wish to have a promotion in our job, we ask our boss, and he shows us the door. We desire to play a certain game, be in the team, and are again shown the exit by the coach, or the captain. We seek knowledge, and when we approach someone for it, all that he speaks is not enough to satisfy us.

In all these situations, we get nothing by asking and expecting others to fulfil our desires. Not that the above happens every time, but they happen most of the time. Then why do we still ask others? The answer is simple. We want what we want and we can think of no other way of getting it. Thus we go around knocking at every other door, and have the door slammed right on our face. At this point many people would say that after all what else can they do? They have no other go but to knock at the doors hoping that at least in one house they will be welcomed. But this is not true. They have one more option. YES, we all have one more option - to knock at God's door, which are always open for us...

God shall always fulfil your wishes

Indeed, God's doors are always open for us. In fact, he is all the time waiting for us to approach him so that he can satisfy our desires. It is entirely our fault that we don't approach him. The situation is similar to going around and begging at every house on the streets other than the King's palace, where actually wealth is being given away to all those who go there seeking it.

So what stops us from seeking God's help, from asking God to provide for what we need?

It is our lack of faith in Him. We don't really believe that He is actually capable of doing something for us. We believe that whether we get a promotion or not is in our boss's hands, not in God's, and that God has no say in it. Foolish! God is the creator, the very basis for this world. He has all the ability to do whatever He wants, even transmute earth into sky. And if anybody wants proof they can look into the scriptures of any religion in the world, and they will be loaded with stories of God going out of the way to save His devotees. The life of every saint is replete with such instances, when God saved him from certain death, when God provided for his living. For example, Hiranyakashipu tried so many ways of killing his own son Prahlada who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. But nothing could leave even a scratch on him be it being thrown from the mountains, being cast in a pit full of snakes, being made to sit on a lit pyre. Absolutely nothing could harm him. Similarly, we have instances from Jesus's life when he brought Lazarus back from death, gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, voice to the dumb, made a lame man walk, etc. Buddha transformed evil itself to good. There are thousands of such instances of God's immense compassion and love for His children, instances when he went to any extent to ensure that His children were happy.

What is it that these people did to deserve the Lord's Grace? They only asked for it. Rather than wandering around in the world seeking people's help, they asked God for help, and it what was given. There is not a single incident in which God has not fulfilled someone's desire, unless, in some way or the other, it would have harmed him. Even in the few instances when God does not fulfil someone's desire, the concerned person later finds out that that was what was best for him, and ends up thanking God for His bountiful Grace. In fact I can give so many examples from my own life to illustrate the very same. Be it the childish desire of buying a video game, or the desire for getting more marks in the exam - every single of them had been fulfilled by Him, except those which I later found out would have actually harmed me.

And therefore, we must all ask only from God.

Have faith

Having asked from God, we must all have faith that God will give us what we want. We must not let even the slightest of doubt enter our hearts, for our doubts actually hinder the flow of God's grace towards us. Also, we must always remember that God's delays are never denials. He will give us what we have asked for at just the right time. We must wait patiently for His glorious plan to unfold, which will surely be the best one that ever could have been made. And if we find that what we have asked for is not being given, then rather than blaming God we must try to think why we have not been given what we want. Invariably we would end up understanding that God did what was est for us. We must let His judgement dominate over ours. We have a very short-sight. We can look only a little ahead or backward in time, while He can see the past, the present and also the future, and can therefore take better decisions than us.

Concludingly, I would only say that next time we want to ask for a promotion, or wish to join a team, let us ask God for it, rather than ask people and face rejection.

Wish everyone a very happy, joyous, lovable, enjoyable life.


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