Astrological Compatibility Secret Scented Honing Device MODE of Cosmic Therapy

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As human beings, is is posible to emit an astrological 'mating call' scent? Of course, it is. Not only is it possible, but that is exactly what we do in every aspect of our relationship endeavors. We are continually discharging various 'star dust' honing elemental frequencies.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrological Compatibility Zoning IN Turning ON Revving UP Your Mate Though Scent

We are flat out ‘natural and convenient’ walking talking breathing attracting enticing tantalizing desirous sacred sensual sexual artistic creative scented celestial social minded souls. Fashioned/formed and born under and out of the same incomparable fused elements that positioned the specific patterns in the astrological clusters of stars.

Vibrating, gyrating, stimulating vehicles of sonorous honed energized whirling, we hum at certain frequencies while at the same time, emit a specifically coded innate highly charged electro-magnetic resonance of unalterable scent. In other words, we are constantly sending out mating signals that will not be ignored, overlooked, undervalued and/or neglected.

Your particular ‘cosmic attracting astrological compatitable scented frequency’ is not the same as mine or anyone else’s. It is specifically ridged, carved, sphered, honed and decipheringly coded to mesh with another's indeterminable slot.

Like the undetectable ultrasonic sounds escaping from a dog’s whistle, humans emit an infra-rayed astrological scent of incalculable frequency which can only be received and responded by another whose geared 'lock and key’ puzzle like nose receptors are attuned. These 10,000 receptors transmit electrical signals to our brain for adequate electrically induced responses.

The inescapable fact that we are comprised of billions of nerves which send electrical impulses all over our body emphasizes the vibratory fragrant importance of how brain accuracy determines the relative linking posts (connections) in our specialized zodiac driven material worlds.

In our particular domain of everyday living, we have specified frames of reference which make it so we can communicate with (attract) others. In order to relay, understand and be received and understood, many chemical, neurological, physical, biological and hormonal circuits are set in motion instantaneously.

Sort of like relay stations in a computer, the trillions of neurons in our brain keep track of all our bodily functions. For example: we are able to see by light (waves/particles) having been converted to electrical impulses sent to our brain. We hear, smell, touch and think the same way.

Our conscious mind produces thought by using these converted oscillating electrical impulses. Highly orchestrated (sound) organized vibration (sight) radiating patterns (smell) traveling along the pathways seek to be united with other similar systems.

Case in point: the olfactory system, which senses every conceivable odor, (whether we are aware of the scent or not) is vital to our lives, and comprises one of the most primordial parts of the brain. In the same way as our sense of hearing, sight, touch or taste stimulates obvious and unobvious cues, the sense of smell alerts us consciously and sometimes, unconsciously as a determinable way for us to gather messages about the environment (people, places, things, moods) around us. We innately recognize the scent of our uniques destiny through various astrological associations.

One of the noted differences of the sacred sense of smell from our other senses is the fact that, the clues that they send to our brains come in the form of chemicals found in the surrounding environment (people, places, things, moods).

Yes, moods. Moods are entrenched with chemicals of all sorts (another astrological lesson for another day).

Be that it may, rest assured chemicals comprise our body, life, environment, universe, galaxy, thoughts, preferences, selections, inhibitions, desires, pleasures, dislikes and needs. Why do you suppose the old saying, “they do or do not have chemistry’ makes such a viable or destructive lasting impact in certain relationships?

You absolutely do not understand why you are attracted or repelled by certain people. It’s all in the celestial composition of fused chemicals: astrological star dust, if you will.

We are continuously and continually and unceasingly penetrated, saturated, impregnated and generated by indestructible cosmic chemicals which have existed since before the beginning of time. The inestimable infinity of clustered stars which comprise the universes are but a gentle blinking cosmic reminder of the chemical reactions/combustions/fusions occur/occurred/ occurring.

With every breath we take, we are sampling our environment for companionship, dangers, food, opportunities, or other individual preferences and disassociations. We are specifically sensitized by the scent of so called random humans. The individuals, encountered in the run of a day are not random by any stretch of the imagination, any more than the glass of water we drink including the certain glass which holds it.

Everything is intricately linked together forming a united bond of incalculable creative expression far beyond anything our minds could devise as an explanation for our so called predilections in compatible relationships.

Because we have two nostrils, (male/female) we are able to breathe in and out various smells while instantaneously appreciating/calculating the proposed informational astrological data the scent is offering.

In other words, from scent alone are we able to tap into a vast storehouse of unrevealed collective memories which {according to the defined horoscope of destiny needed} will collect, ascertain and tabulate the necessity of the relationship involved.

We may or may not fully perceive the unlikely astrological scenario presented {most often times, do not} but our indelibly implanted acute celestial scent of smell does not err.

We will be attracted to who our noses celestially hook into, (no small matter in deciding) prior to our logical reasoning simply by a certain whiff discharged by the other. The next immeasurable step produced in the sensually ignited process of celestially generated sexual attraction will be a mood indicator (also determined by emission of chemicals) which alerts every cell in the human body to show up for duty to support or disintegrate the union.

Our hallowed keen sense of smell cannot be fooled, lured and coerced into a union that is not cosmically delegated for our precious ruthless souls’ desired experience. Neither can it be committed to a relationship when the sacred scent has vanished.

As mysterious as it seems, our occult nature demands an unequaled precision in demonstrable relationships, unions, and/or involvements. “When it’s over, it’s over and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

On the same token, the sacred sensual scented attracting apparatus is totally impersonal in the manner of choosing the selected partners. It’s hard but it fair. That’s why there are so many unexplained endings and unfathomable beginnings.

Example:”Why on earth is he with her or her with him?” No logical explanation: simply illogically statistically remarkably celestially astrologically sensually (Scent-fully) designed.

Our perfected attuned astrological scent of searching the universe for the ‘right’ person is not waywardly diabolically ascribed, no matter how callous the intervening directions of various relationships take us. Our sanctified noses are calibrated to a specific coded designated ‘star formed lock and astrological patterned key’ and cannot fit another.

Though our relationship’s ebbing perplexities seem arbitrarily mounted at times, if we but remember that our noses have been astrologically nominated to act like a scavenger bird of prey in an eclipsed effective cosmic action to bring about an undisclosed purpose of intent, we will gladly subjugate our ego’s whining whims and skeptical blabberings to unquestionable celestial desires from a much loftier origin.

We know, without being able to articulate, that we all serve an ineffable force of power behind the scenes of rational materiality, along with our human mind’s ability to define, which because of our unequivocal celestial signs, with the specified scented ‘star dust’ attached defies all rationality and reasonable argument or debate…

Gotta go: “I think I smell a luscious, specially prepared ‘Chocolate Fantasy Cake’ oozing with warm sensual hot fudge caramel sauce, baking in the oven calling my name. Oh heavenly sweet sweet blissful platter of inexplicable fused radiance in divine scented splendor (Scorpio Sun) I bid thee my uninterrupted attention and rapturous appetite (Cancer Moon).”


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