Attention, arthritis sufferers!!

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A recommendation for arthritis pain based on my personal experience and the experiences of others.

How I found out about this

Over 20 years ago, while talking with a coworker, we got on the topic of arthritis. He immediately told me that he was taking six alfalfa tablets each morning, at noon, and in the evening. Otherwise, he said he would not have the use of his hands.

One day, waking up and feeling as if one of my finger joints had been smashed with a hammer, I began taking alfalfa myself. I took 2 alfalfa tablets, and an hour later the pain was gone completely. I have shared this story with several people, and even given them alfalfa tablets for their own arthritis pain. In the next several sections, I will share with you the stories that they brought back to me of their relief from arthritic pain because of using the alfalfa tablets.

"Mary Lou"

One day at work, an older woman spoke to me of the pain in her shoulder. I shared with her my experiences with alfalfa and gave her two of the tablets I had with me. Several hours later, she told me she was no longer experiencing her shoulder pain, and the alfalfa I had given her was more effective than the prescription medicine she had been taking for that pain. She was so impressed with the effectiveness of the alfalfa that she bought a bottle for herself and for an older man who was retiring due to his arthritic knee pain.


A friend of mine was injured while in the Air Force in Viet Nam. He is a minister in a small church in Montana, and quite busy. I called to talk to him one day, but he was out visiting members of his congregation. While talking to his wife, she informed me that my friend didn't sleep well because of shoulder pain due to the injury in Viet Nam. I told her about my experiences with alfalfa, and encouraged her to get some for him to try.
When I called some time later, she informed me that he had begun taking it, and was taking three tablets each night before going to bed and sleeping through the night - no more shoulder pain.


Holly was a high school student involved in dance and gymnastics. She shattered her ankle during practice one day, and had pins and screws put in the ankle. She asked that the screws be removed so that she could still participate in dance. After the injury, she experienced much pain in the ankle during cold and damp days. I suggested to her mother that she try the alfalfa for the pain.
When I spoke to Holly after she began using the alfalfa, she informed me that she was pain-free after having starting using the alfalfa.

My recommendations

If you suffer arthritis pain, please, please, please begin taking alfalfa for your pain. I began taking 2 650 milligram tablets with each meal. Do not take on an empty stomach. In my case, I often experienced pain relief in one to two hours. It may take a week for some to begin experiencing pain relief, but stay with it.

Best wishes to you in your pursuit of the benefit of pain relief using alfalfa. Glenn


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