Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Insensitivity, short-span attention, impulsivity, or a combination is common characteristics of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are different from the children with normal range of age and development. Most patients are usually found in special education center that has an intensive and stress free curriculum designed for students with mental disorder.

Common Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Short span attention (inattentiveness), hyperactivity and impulsivity are the three classifications of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD children could be inattentive or combination or those with inattentive type are less troublesome are not generally diagnosed with ADHD. Children with inattentive symptoms have the following characteristics. First, they fail to focus on the mistakes done in schoolwork. Second, they have no focus while tasking or playing. Third, they have no ears when someone is speaking directly to them. Fourth, they fail to accomplish schoolwork, chores, or duties. Fifth, they have hard time in organizing tasks and activities. Sixth, they do not like rigorous mental work like in school. Seventh, they are careless and neglectful of their belongings like toys, school supplies and tools for activities and lastly they are easily distracted and forgetful in their daily tasks and schedules. Meanwhile, children with impulsivity symptoms have the following characteristics. First, jiggling with hands and wriggling in seats. Second, running or climbing in accident prone area. Third, they are very noisy while playing and lastly they talk with verbosity. On the other hand, children with impulsivity have the following characteristics. First, when the question is not yet completed, they answer abruptly. Second, they have short patience and lastly they have no competence in turn-taking.

Major Cause

A behavioral disorder of childhood, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects 3-5 percent of school aged children and most male children are diagnosed with ADHD than females. Although it is believed that ADHD is hereditary in nature, the pursuit of understanding its existence and causes is still on the process. The structural formation of the brains of children with ADHD is distinguished from those other children based on the imaging studies conducted. ADHD is often confused with depressed people, lack of sleep, learning hindrances, psychotic disorders and behavioral nuances. A careful examination should be done in every child suspected of having ADHD for this will avoid medical malpractice and inappropriate intervention. Depression and bipolar disorder are also manifested in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder patient and most of them have at least one other developmental or behavioral predicament.


Alternative treatments for ADHD are becoming recognized including herbal medicines, food supplement and chiropractic medications yet with the cooperation between the health and wellness professionals, parents and caregivers as well as the child himself are the stepping stones in order for the therapy to succeed. However, there are guidelines to ponder prior to medication. First, setting specific and appropriate target goals will guide the therapy. Second, starting the medication and behavior therapy the soonest could prevent other behavioral problems and lastly the perseverance to attain goal together with the consent of the doctor will manage any possible side effects of medication. This is a crucial stage for the parents, teachers and the child to reflect on. Otherwise, if it is found unsuccessful, then make sure that the child indeed has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or check for other medical conditions that has similar symptoms so that it will be treated with proper medication.


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23rd Jun 2012 (#)

This article is way too vague. Also it is hard to understand by the way you worded some of your sentences. I give you a lot of props if English is your second language. But, even so, clarity and the appropriate amount of information is important before you publish an article of this nature. I am A.D.H.D and an adult. I've had it all my life. I'm 38 now, and medicated with a treatment plan. I would be offended if you said I was a, "A.D.H.D child". I think you mean, "A child with A.D.H.D". And depression, bipolar disorder, Obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety as well as Asperger's (and even more) IS linked to A.D.H.D. NO CONFUSION... People with A.D.H.D, are depressed much of the time. Try living in a world isolated from everyone else. That's how it feels. I don't mean to be mean, I'm trying to help. This article is not even half done, and could be written a lot better.

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