Autism Suicide Phase

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Some teens and children with autism go through a time of suicidal thoughts, urges, and sometimes actions.

What you need to know

I have studied autism and know just about everything there is to know. There is one thing I noticed that I felt more people needed to know about. It’s called the suicidal phase. This usually starts at age fifteen and goes on for about a year. The child begins to recognize that they are not like the rest of the world and do not fit in. This causes them to feel suicidal. There are no known ways to prevent the child from going through this phase. It is good to tell them they are autistic earlier in life and explain the symptoms to them. This can stop them from becoming suicidal. The problem is that most autistic children cannot comprehend their disorder until they are older. The best part is that only 15% of them actually commit suicide. Most of them get through it easily. The best thing a parent can do is to tell the best friend and teachers to be watchful. Also, it is good to know the signs. The first sign is asking the question “Do I fit in?” The best thing you can do for an autistic child at this point is to let them get out their emotions. Do not fuss at them for crying at this time. It is the best way they usually know to show emotion. Another sign is the child hitting himself. Usually they will hit their head with their fist. This helps them get out the emotion of anger that they have with themselves. Some autistic children, and normal children, will do this in the form of physically punishing themselves. A normal child knows when it is hurting too much, but an autistic does not. They usually end up hitting themselves until they are seriously hurt. It is recommended to never spank an autistic child, and this is one of the reasons. Another thing to be aware of is that they will ask you questions like what is hanging. Do not answer them. The best thing to do is ignore it and change the subject. As always I look forward to your questions and comments.


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18th Jul 2012 (#)

Certainly the teenage years are not easy ones for any teen, thanks for sharing this information about teens with autism and concerns about suicide.

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