Autoinmune diseases and Chemtrails-A conspiracy theory?

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A possible connection between chemtrails and autoimmune diseases.

Autoinmune diseases and Chemtrails-A conspiracy theory?

Modern American folklore loves conspiracy theories, urban legends, and zombies. But what about those lines across the skies in unusual patterns, which after a few hours cover large areas as the lines begin to expand, and overlap each other until you can see blue anymore. Some who mock conspiracy theorist claim that these are contrails; the result of water vapor spew by the airplane engines condensing into water dewdrops which then turn into ice particles. But the patterns which are increasingly more intricate are there to prove otherwise.
But let’s look at other points of view, and sound bites so we are be able to perhaps connect the dots or put all our ducks in a row. If you watch television on a regular basis, especially during the morning you will notice that more than 60% of the advertisements are for new drugs for old conditions; but what is more significant for new conditions. Most of these conditions some of which are older than others are what the medical community call auto immune diseases. Autoimmune diseases are an abnormal response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body. Most of these medications work to suppress the effects of these diseases, and have a horrible effects on the other parts of the body that are not under attack by these unknown agents, mostly the liver, kidney and the heart.
The increasing number of people affected by these diseases is staggering, but most people could not name an autoimmune disease even if they suffer from any of them. One good example is how fashionable it has become to avoid gluten in your diet; if you want to be perceived as a health conscious person you will eat gluten free everything. But I can assure you they don’t know what is behind the gluten free craze; it is call Celiac disease, a life threatening autoimmune disease. The list of autoimmune diseases is very long, but the some of the most common ones are; rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes type 1, Lupus, and the list goes on.
Then there are those conditions of the mind like, Bipolar Disorder , Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Autism for which there is no real cause, but a lot of speculation surrounding them as the numbers increase across the world, and a lot of new medications come on the market everyday.
If the conspiracy theorist are correct regarding the chemtrails, and the micro chemical biological agents released into the atmosphere whose purpose can range from weather manipulation, agricultural spraying, psychological manipulation, and human population control we have already connected the dots.


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