Avoiding mass consumption of Artificial foods.

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Avoiding mass consumption of Artificial foods is a summary of what is basically known as the glimpse of the impacts and Risks associated with the tendency of extreme consumption of the man made Artificial foods which are said to be affecting human health.

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The Author in this Article will be stressing the Ideas basically on the Idea concerning the Scientific production of food and other related Nutritional additives.For a decades now the world has been experiencing the flooding of new food products ranging from the scientifically possessed grains to a varied species of the green vegetables, these and many others are believed to be the resulting factor of the today's deadly diseases and Death.
For example a picture was taken in one of the factory showing a group of slaughtered chicken lying and the people using special machines pulling Liquid believed to be chemicals-This is an instance of how the mind of people have changed and people concentrates in making money than considering the Lives of others.
Another instance is the issue of broilers (Laboratory made) these are Chicken whose natural taste has been totally removed, their meat or eggs have the highest chemical contents than the useful contents needed by our Bodies.
Animal breeds is another example whereby there is an artificial processes performed to create a new and better by looking offspring resulting from the skills of people-this is not what God told us to do it is a sin trying to disapprove God.
Many plants species like cassava, Maize, ground nuts, Fruits like Mango, Apple, Citrus, mentioning just few have been removed their natural reality by mixing their Artificial contents.
Mostly around 79% of our meals contents is believed to be artificial while 19% only includes natural contents in them, this is so ridiculous especially for our entire Health and to the future of our generations.it is not so simple to live a natural life when the whole world is on the transition where everything natural is disappearing due to many of the reasons which of course Human being cannot avoid, as an efforts towards maintaining the species of the natural world science has to be incorporated which in turn results to the so called a world of artificial species, In rare cases because the world's climate is continually changing and according to the ecological mechanism of both plants and animals there are climates favoring their absence and in some cases the climate of an area may discourage the growth and development of some species, therefore it might be a reason why a Man is working so hard to maintain it more artificially.
The mass consumption of these chemically produced foods adversely affect our health, and this can be obtained from the chemicals like insecticide and pesticides we use and the vaccines which contains chemicals harmful to our bodies.
It is recommended that despite the techniques used in the production and growth of the plants and animals used as food being harmful to human health, there should be an evolution of traditional means of handling pests and insecticides this will help us in maintaining the natural taste and prevent the mass usage of the dangerous chemicals.


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