Ayurvedic Diet for Weigth Loss

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Ayurveda treatment and diet for obesity and weight loss. lose weight with natural diet, medicine and exercise.

Weight loss and AYURVEDA

Maharshi CHARAK (Ancient Ayurveda Physician) described eight body types which are diseases prone. They are too tall, too short, too hairy, hairless, too white, too black, too corpulent and too emaciated. ( Ch. Su. 21 / 3) Out of these eight types the OBESE body type is described as the one afflicted with the most diseases. When excess fat is deposited in adipose tissue, that condition is called Obesity. And that extra fat put extra strains on different part of body like Heart, Kidney and Liver also on some joints such as Hip Joint, Knee Joint, Ankles etc. So people who suffer from Obesity are at high risk to Hypertension, Heart attack, Diabetes, Arthritis, Liver Problem like fatty liver. The main cause of Obesity is irregular eating habit, over eating, eating food with high calorie value

Three Must

To lose extra weight three things are important to follow. These are as below.
1. Exercise
2. Diet Control – Follow eating rules described in Ayurveda
3. Some Medicine


Exercise is best and important thing for weight loss; this is first and necessary part. Exercise will help to burn extra calories-which are stored in different part of body. Exercises are different as per body weight, age, target of weight loss. Best exercise is Walking and jogging. Yoga practice is also good for weight loss. Exercise is depending on which body part has more fat deposit. Like if you have fat on belly and thighs than some yoga will helps you quickly, if you have weight gain all over body than other exercise are helpful.

Diet Control:

Diet is another important part. One sample diet plan is described here. This diet plan is only for knowledge purpose. Diet plan is very from person to person. So before starting diet you must have to consult Ayurveda doctor or dietitian.
Take Warm water mixed with lemon and honey. After that in breakfast you can take some Mung (not sprouted-as Ayurveda doesn’t recommended sprouted food) with small cup of milk or some fresh fruit juice.
In lunch first of all eat some Salad such as carrot, cabbage, beet etc. Boiled (or steamed) vegetable with whole grain Chapattis with some buttermilk.
Before dinner take Lemon tea in evening. In dinner take again chapattis and vegetables, also you can take some seasonal fruit.

Eating rules as per Ayurveda:

These are the code and conducts for taking diet. Which will be explained in my next article in detail.


Some of the best Ayurvedic Medicine described below. But before taking any of these medicine consult Ayurveda Doctor, do not take any medicine yourself. These medicines are:
• Medihar Guggulu .
• Triphala guggul
• Arogya Vardhini
• Punarnavadi mandur
• Dashmul Kwath


Some tips which will also help to reduce weight.
• Drink hot water twice or thrice a day, if you want to add honey than make sure water is lukewarm. Because honey is not incompatible with hot water or hot things.
• Take low calorie diet, eat more vegetable like bitter gourd, drumstick and fruits.
• Avoid Cheese, Butter Ghee and Non-Veg Diet.
• Use spices like Ginger, Cinnamon, Black pepper, mint as they are good for weight loss.
• Low Carb diet is also helpful so avoid rice, potato etc.
• One fast in a week is effective for weight loss, but during fast only drink hot water, lime water or honey. Take this several time a day.
• Carrot and Aloe-Vera juice are also helpful to reduce weight.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th May 2013 (#)

Thanks doctor, but not easy for those who have to eat out. Hopefully you can give alternative to Indian food too - siva

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author avatar Rishi
19th May 2013 (#)

i am agree with sivaramakrishnanA I have to take lunch at hotel 4-5 times a week, so what is solution for that?

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author avatar Ayurveda Doctor
20th May 2013 (#)

hello, Sivaramakrishnan A & Rishi,
I agree with both of you, But if you have to take lunch at hotel, keep it light, take more liquids in diet, avoid cheese, pizza etc.

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