Ayurvedic healing for Physical stress

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This article explains the ways in which Ayurveda can help you in eliminating stress.

(Disclaimer: The information given in this post is solely for educational purpose and not for any treatment or healing purpose. I request you to please follow professional guidance, while going ahead with the application of the techniques mentioned here)

Ayurvedic healing for Physical stress

First of all, you need to know what “Ayurveda” is. Please check the basics and fundamentals of “Ayurveda” here.

Ayurveda considers Vata, Pitta and Kapha as the three basic and fundamental bio-energies for ayurvedic principles that are responsible for all the activities of the mind, body and soul. A person can lead a healthy life in all the spheres, if all these bio-energies are in perfect balance with each other.

Now, coming to the point of Ayurvedic healing for Physical stress, we all know that physical stress is an outcome of overwork or misuse of body functions. For instance, physical stress can be caused by too much of exercise or straining your body to work physically overtime on your job, etc. According to Ayurveda, extending your body limits and taking physical stresses can cause imbalance in the three important sub bio-energies (“doshas”) of our bodies. These doshas are:

1) Shleshaka Kapha (Sub bio-energy of the main bio-energy “Kapha”): This is responsible for taking care of skin’s moisture balance and for proper lubrication of joints.
2) Tarpaka Kapha (Another sub bio-energy of the main bio-energy “Kapha”): This is responsible to take care of the neuro humors.
3) Vyana Vata (The sub bio-energy of the main bio-energy “Vata”): This is responsible to take care of the nerve impulses and body circulation mechanism.

A person suffering from physical stress experiences fatigue, tiredness and general exhaustion. He feels dull most of the times, and has troubles in focusing on any of his tasks. Apart from the reason of over-exertion, physical stress can also be caused by lack of exercise, and more sedentary lifestyle. Lack of physical activity can lead to slow metabolism rate and also to the creation of impurities that can block the channels. These impurities are referred as “Ama” in ayurveda. This also leads to slowing down the regeneration process of cells, thereby leading to more tiredness and fatigue.
Ayurveda suggests following techniques to balance the “Vata” bio-energy and help “Kapha” bio-energy to stabilize and nurture the body in a better way:

1) Physical rest is the most important and preliminary step, which should be accompanied by some prescribed and normal exercises.
2) An ayurvedic diet that can bring balance in both “Vata” and “Kapha” bio-energies. You can find the details about this diet here.
3) Daily application of warm herbal oil massage on entire body.

Ayurveda suggests some specific food items to work as natural stimulants for stress-reduction. Some examples of these food items are:

1) Almonds
2) Sweet juicy fruits like grapes, water melon, grapefruits, etc.
3) Coconut
4) Apples (lightly cooked), pears, guavas
5) Milk, cheese, ricotta and other light dairy products.
6) Walnuts

Apart from these dietary techniques, try to change your outlook towards the way you deal the situations for stress. A very famous quote about life:

“Life is like a piano. White keys symbolize happy and pleasurable situations, whereas black keys symbolize challenges and difficult times. But, always remember one thing, black keys contribute in creating music too.”

Try to see your stress related circumstances as a positive opportunity to learn, grow and enhance your skills. Avoid the feeling and strategy of “fight fight”, and learn to lead a self-actualized, spiritual and stress free life.

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