Back Pain During Pregnancy.

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In pregnancy back pain is a common condition. But luckily there are gentle ways to relieve the pain.

Back pain and pregnancy

With the belly is growing to accommodate your baby you will be filled with amazement: Inch by inch, pushing the ball forward. By the end of pregnancy, the weight of the female torso increases by more than 30 percent. In order to keep the balance in pregnancy, the nature has come up with something clever: And this is the typical S-curve of the spine are higher in women than in men. Thus they can easily go into the hollow back, and so the transfer of the centre of gravity to the rear. This stops us from topping forward when our baby bump expands.

This change is facilitated by the fact that the last three lumbar vertebrae of the women are tilted more to the outside and thus lead to a more pronounced curvature of the spine. In the male lumbar region only the last two vertebrae are tilted. Furthermore, with three instead of two of the lower lumbar intertwined in women they are more stable. The spine is also made flexible by larger distances between the vertebral joints.

Researchers believe that the more flexible spine is an evolutionary adaptation to upright walking. Without it, a pregnancy in humans would be an almost unbearable burden. But even if the female spine tolerates the pregnancy, the muscles and ligaments are still pretty stressed by the additional weight. The result: annoying back pain.

To avoid back pain as much as possible when lifting, even if not quite as heavy things such as shopping bags, always put the strain in the knees, arch your back straight and let your butt stick out. Then the knee to straighten. When brushing your teeth do not bend so low over the sink. The straighter you stand, the less the spine is loaded.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
18th Jun 2013 (#)

Try propping pillows to get the angle of comfort and use it accordingly. Best relief I got was a warm towel on the back and sleeping on the left with right leg propped up on pillows. Drinking lots of water helps and this was what helped me not to swell during my pregnancy and had no pain except when I walked too much or had load on my back during shopping.

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