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Back pain is something that most of will experience at some point in our life. Learning the cause of our back pain can help us find pain relief.

Living With Back Pain

If you're living with back pain, you're not alone. In fact, did you know that 8 out of every 10 people will suffer from back pain at some point and time? It's true, 80 percent of you will suffer from back pain at some point in your time. Needless to say, thousands of back pain diagnosis are made daily and such diagnosis is on the rise. If you suffer from back pain, we're going to explore some of your options and what can be done to help you relieve your pain.

Back Pain Causes

Back pain can be caused by a variety of different things. First, let's explore what makes up your back. Your back is made up of vertebrae, 30+ of them to be exact. Each vertebrae is cushioned by the disc in your back. Your nerves run up and down the spinal cord, possibly one of the reasons you have pain which we'll get into. Also, your lower back is made up of ligaments and muscles.


Now, one of the most common causes of back pain is injury. Your back is open to the elements. You don't have much protection and it doesn't take much to injure your back. Any damage to the muscles, ligaments, vertebrae, disc or nerves is going to cause you back pain. If left untreated, your pain can get worse and it can effect other parts of the body.

There's several different types of injuries that can be causing your back pain. For example, back pain can be caused by herniated disc, ruptured disc, pinched nerves, pulled muscles or torn ligaments. If you've recently been injured and you haven't seen a doctor, it would be wise to do so immediately.

Medical Conditions

There's also several different medical conditions that can be causing your back pain. One of the most common medical conditions that causes back pain is degenerative disc. This medical condition is often from aging as the disc in our back begin to age and wear. However, some people are born with a disease that wears down the disc. Your back disc are what supports your vertebrae as they act like a cushion for your spine. When the disc wear away, it can cause your vertebrae to rub against one another. Due to this, you're going to feel back pain in that area.

Another medical condition that can cause pain in the back is scoliosis. There's different levels of scoliosis, some may be minor while others may be extremely severe. Scoliosis is when the spine curves often in the shape of an "S." Your vertebrae is curved normally but for the most part, it's actually straight. Scoliosis can curve the back from side to side. If your vertebrae doesn't fit right, it will cause back pain.

Other Back Pain Causes

Other then medical conditions and injuries, there's several other factors that can cause back pain. Lack of exercise is one element that can cause back pain. If you don't exercise regularly and you're use to sitting down all the time, the lack of movement can begin to cause you back pain. This can be reversed though if you begin to exercise and begin to be more active.

Bad posture is another reason you may be feeling pain in your back. Are you using proper posture right now? More and more people work from home, in front of computers and sit for long periods at a time. If you're not using proper posture techniques, it can be the cause of your pain. The longer you go using bad posture, the worse your back will hurt.

Smoking is yet another cause of back pain. Smoking has negative effects on the body. Obesity can also cause your pain. Genetics has been recently known to be causing back pain. As you can see, there's dozens of different things that can cause the back pain you feel. The longer left untreated, the worse it will get.

Treating Back Pain

Since back pain is one of the most common diagnosis, it is also one of the most treated conditions. There's a variety of different ways that you can get relief from back pain. Exercising, stretching and massages can help your back pain. Physical therapy, acupuncture and surgery are also options to help you with back pain. Medications are often given for those who suffer from extreme back pain.

Another back pain treatment is Cross-Fix Therapy. Cross-Fix Therapy was developed by Dr. Jason Hurst. It's a specific series of stretches and exercises that Dr. Hurst used on his patients to help them relieve and end their pain. There's several back pain treatments out there for you to use. The key is finding one that will help you and your specific needs. I would suggest looking for a back pain treatment that has positive reviews from a trusted source.


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