Bad Breath - The Problems You Face In Dealing With It

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Because they leave the bacteria in the mouth are left alive and well (it has been shown in recent studies) that the use of mints, gums and mouthwashes is not effective in dealing with the problem of bad breath. Even the so-called "antibacterial" brands have been shown to have no longterm positive effects.

Americans have tried to cover up their bad breath with these mints, gums, washes and sprays to the tune of over 1 billion dollars last year.

Even if you are using an antibacterial mouth-wash, the bacteria are comfortable lurking in the safety under the coating of the tongue. All of the mouthwashes currently available over the counter add to the "compost pile" on the tongue, instead of reducing it.

Antibacterial washes and pastes alter the PH and/or some other biochemical factors related to the environment of the mouth.

Possibly the worst ingredient used in rinses is alcohol, due to it's drying nature in the mouth itself. This promotes the multiplying of the anaerobic bacteria, and there is indications that their long-term use can cause oral cancers.

So many people spend their hard earned money on ineffective cover-ups like mouthwash, gum, sprays, and mints without ever getting to the root of the problem. It will cost more than Euro 180.00 a year to have just a single pack of mints every day, for example, and many spend more than that.

You see, the way we have been dealing with bad breath and oral hygiene has not kept pace with the times. In an age of instant global communication and deep space exploration, you would expect that we would have made much more progress in cleaning our mouths.

Consider this. Why use a device like a toothbrush to clean teeth? If you could simply rinse with a liquid, who would bother to mechanically brush their teeth? Obviously this is not the case, so why do so many people think that to clean the rest of the oral cavity will just be a case of "swishing" a mouth full of chemicals?

Just brushing, flossing, and gargling only, has been shown in recent studies, not to be enough to deal with bad breath, as 90% or more of the bad breath cases studied were attributed to the decomposing coating on the tongue.

Our regular oral hygiene routine does not include cleaning our tongues properly, and hence the bacteria build up undisturbed, according to recent research.

"Tongue-brushing" has become popular under the guidance of some dentists. Unless you are willing to dispose of your brush after each use, you will recontaminate your mouth every time you brush. The moist brush holds the bacteria in place waiting to reinfect you.

Brushing the tongue does little more than mash the bacteria and plaque deeper into the "filliform", without addressing the real problem at the posterior part of the tongue.

Loosening the "coating " on the tongue, but not removing it, is not good enough. It is a step in the right direction, but remember that the "coating" on the tongue is equivalent to the "plaque" on the teeth, and is very destructive.


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