Balanced emotional development

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In today's life mental health is as important as the physical health itself.

Emotions are the activities of mind

Aim of present daily life to get adjust to changing circumstances and accomplish tasks to get adjusted with fellow beings. Achieving this requires an integrated and balanced personality. Even individual tries to overcome the complexities of life coming their way. The resultant success or failure depends on the effort put forward by the individual. Pessimism may creep in at times when he encounters failure in the attempt. The leads to mental imbalance and such situation favourably affected and leads to certain of imbalanced personality.

In today's life mental health is as important as the physical health itself. The study of mental health is given ample importance in order to prevent or overcome mental health related diseases.

It is essential to obtain and maintain good mental health for longevity and healthful living. Self - esteem, interpersonal relationships, and day to transactional capability is hindered due to lack of mental health. This eventually affects physical health of that individual.

We observe behaviour fluctuations in individuals lacking mental health. Use of drugs, alcohol consumption, quarrels and destructive actions are important among them.
Good mental health enhances self confidence leading to independence. It develops the ability to adjust according to changing circum stances. Good mental health may lead to control over emotions. Good mental health inculcates time sense. It helps in shaping better citizens in the society.

Emotions are the activities of mind. Mind gets elevated when an individual encounters joy and sorrows. Emotions play major role in the life of an individual and without the emotions a life may be lusterless. Emotions can either be positive or negative.
Positive emotions are also be identified as ` pleasant emotions'. Love, affections, joy, appreciation are positive emotions.

Positive emotions help in the growth and development of an individual. It helps to build good relationship with fellow beings in the society. They are helpful in exhibiting high moral character in the society. The achievements of an individual are the result of his positive emotions.

Fear, disapproval, humiliation, anger, jealousy, sorrow are considered negative emotions. Behaviours of other people in the society may lead to negative emotions in a person. Sometimes negative emotions create favourable effects. Usually people hesitate to express such emotions. Negative emotions may harm the physical and mental health of individuals when they are not expressed in an appropriate way.
People express all types of emotions according to situations. Emotions cannot be judged a good or bad in a one sided manner. Each and every person experiences both positive and negative emotions during their lifetime. Emotions have to accepted as it is experienced. It has to be expressed righteously. Negative emotions are experienced commonly. It is difficult to stop such emotions but its expression should be appropriate.

Think - Recall negative and positive emotions experienced by you in the past and the outcome that followed.

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Its so hard to control them sometimes.

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