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This is an article about why you should not buy Black Ops, MW2, Halo Reach, or any other violent video game.

A Violent Product

If you are a kid or teen wanting to get Black Ops, or some other like game (Call of Duty, Halo), let me tell you something. They have received a big M on the front and back for ratings for reasons. There have been several attempts made to put age restrictions on games available to minors by using their ratings. However, they have not been passed yet.

There are several arguments against the passing of a law like this. For one, it would break the freedom of the press (it is media). However, the purpose of the game isn’t to show what the media thinks. Instead, it is to let somebody enjoy pulling a trigger and killing somebody else. It is just short of a drug.

Also, the court set a precedent of allowing certain products to be illegal to buy and sell to certain people. This exists in alcohol, tobacco, and fire arm sales. Also, they check your ID (I think) if you buy a ticket for a Restricted rating movie.

Also, some minors say that they know what is okay and what isn’t okay for them. However, most adult addicts for tobacco and lots of illicit drugs started when they were in their teenage years. At this stage the brain is very moldable and is more vulnerable to addictions than at any other stage in their life. Once they are past this stage, it is very unlikely that they will get addicted once they are around 25 and haven’t started. However, it is also at this stage where peer pressure is very strong compared to other parts of the life cycle, so even if they have decided not to, they have a change of getting sucked in by friends.

However, this would also let there be a lot less tax money for the government. On the other side though, fines would get income as well. Also, video games can easily waste money spent on education. Also, this can easily lead to a huge reduction in tax money gained from income of the people who were less successful because of the video games.

You could also say that the video games can be ruled out by parents. However, there are a lot of kids without the best parental guidance (who are more likely to get into trouble with drugs and other illegal practices than those with better guidance).

There are many different reasons against violent video games (which tend to e more addicting than others). However, the biggest reason is that they give the mindset that this is okay. This is very bad. You cannot really deny that in any way.


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