Bandages can be of complete, closed or open turn

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Spiral turns are used on the fingers, arms and legs. These turns are made by going around the injury, usually overlapping completely or partly each time the previous turn of the bandage.

Types of roller bandages

Complete turn- The bandage is anchored and the wound is encircled, placing each turn completely over the previous turn. To secure the dressing properly, enough turns are to be put on and the entire bandage is finally secured by tying or with an adhesive tape.

Open turn bandage

The bandage is turns are continued to encircle but care is taken not to completely overlap. Open turn is used when a large dressing, as over a burn dressing is to be secured.

Closed turn bandage

Here the bandage is anchored at the open turn and the the second turn is covered over the first turn while encircling. Encircling is continued and each turn is overlapped by one -half so that the injured part is completely covered.

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Any particular reason for the varieties of bandaging? Overlap turns prevent exposure of wounds that are bandaged.

For immobilizing the bandaged part often they add plaster of paris to make the "bandage" solid.

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