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We give importance to work always whether we get time for a shower or no but eating in restaurants we never forget,because after we come home it hardly takes any time to change clothes after a good days work.We change clothes immediately after coming from work and then put some deodrant or perfume to cover the good smell of our body and leave which is so wrong almost most of them do it.Well some are very clean....

Keep Me Fresh And You'll Be Fine...

Managing our whole day's work and then a shower at home after work is a must,

Once we return from work.We should get a shower immediately whether its men or women after you do something else in the house whether you pick your baby or hug your kids your wife.You should take a shower reason when you travel the whole day and return back from work the germs you invite personally everywhere in office,station,bus or taxi by touching unwanted things at certain places without intension would lead you to some sickness or something else.Because in this crowd there are sick and contagious people also traveling at the same time.......

Generally what happens while going to work or returning from work when you touch a certain pillar or seat at the station.The beggars maybe begging or sitting there for a very long time and you are unfamiliar to that particular place where you visit and you may sit at the same place for a few minutes waiting for the train,chatting with your colleague or maybe speaking to someone on the cell phone who knows that beggar or other homeless person may have some dreadful skin disease or something else....

You may get it soon or maybe in a span of few hours because it maybe contagious therefore after reaching home a shower is a must and then you can do the rest of the things after a good shower you yourself will feel fresh this will rejuvenate your mind and body and make you fresh with a new thinking also will cleanse all the germs from your body.Do use appropriate soap and shampoo while bathing and always scrub your body don't just apply soap wash and come out because it will not cleanse your body properly.....

We have some lazy people in this world if the soap is over in the shower room they prefer to use the same piece of soap for their shower or maybe water shampoo when a shampoo gets over they put some water and keep in it and use the remaining for the next days.Don't do this when you earn do a good job then why treat yourself so selfishly.Take good care of your body use proper soap and shampoo and keep yourself fit in a way that is if you want to be fit always without any sickness and if you want to continue living that same lifestyle then invite sickness to you and your family....

So think twice keeping yourself healthy is your biggest motto for you and your family then comes health and wealth which is our regular cycle in life..........

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
1st Aug 2011 (#)

You are right, Clayton. Shower can keep us clean and healthy. I can not imagine someone live without doing this. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar aimera
10th Aug 2011 (#)

Shower is a must after a long day at work. Not only it minimized germs contamination but also lifts your spirit.

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