Be Careful! You May Have to Pay a Steep Price for a Cheap Pair of Shoes.

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Too often people overlook the importance of their most frequently used exercise equipment. Their running shoes! Are expensive running shoes really worth their price?

Good Shoes Do Make a Difference

Exercising is something that a lot of us do as a means of both prolonging and improving our lives. We sign up for classes at health and fitness clubs, spend time preprograming our Ipods with motivational songs, diligently chart our progress either on a scale or through some other means or series of accomplishments, and of course juggle our daily schedules in order to squeeze in enough time for meaningful exercise. We want to get fit and are willing to put forth the necessary effort and time to do this.
With all of this effort, I am often shocked when I look at what a lot of my fellow gym members are wearing on their feet. Cheap shoes. Here are these people putting forth a lot of effort in the pursuit of fitness and they are running the risk of sabotaging all of their hard work through tempting injury courting discomfort. Why?

Well, the only answer that I have for that question is based on my own experience. I'm a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to some things, shoes included, and I'm quite certain that a lot of other people are too. Here's my story.

In a former, much younger life, I was a competitive runner. Shoes were extremely important as they had to fit just right, be just the right weight, and of course look good as well. As I grew older, I retired from competitive running, managed to rupture an ACL and spent a few years not running at all. Realizing that I was not getting any thinner through not exercising, I got up off the couch and decided to run myself back into shape using trails, the road, and the fitness equipment at the gym. The first thing that I need though was a new pair of runners. Funds were a bit tight and I wasn't really keen on spending a fortune so I ended up purchasing a pair of lesser shoes that were on sale. They were my size, didn't look too bad and were made by a reputable brand. Plus I was saving about $60 when compared to a higher end model.

Upon returning to exercising, I noticed that it was much harder to get back into shape than to maintain a certain level of fitness. I had aches where I had never had them before. Sore knee, achy back, tight neck, sore feet in the morning, tight muscles and other various somewhat minor aches and pains. I attributed this to the knee surgery I had experienced and the fact that I was out of shape. I didn't even consider that my footwear might be the issue. As I continued to exercise I found that these aches and pains weren't going away, even though my fitness level was increasing. In fact they were getting worse. I would hobble out of bed in the morning and spend the day trying to loosen up my various aches and pains. I would also be making frequent visits the massage therapist, chiropractor and physiotherapist for various muscle pulls, tears and aches. For 2 years I went through this as I went from bargain shoe to bargain shoe.

What finally made a difference for me was while trying on yet another pair of bargain shoes, I asked a store clerk if I could compare them to one of the higher end ones as well. Upon trying them on I was appalled at how much better the higher end shoes felt in comparison to what I had been wearing. Right then and there I decide to buck up and by the better pair of shoes. What a difference. With the better footwear, most of the nagging aches and pains weren't there, my legs didn't feel as tired as they had before, and most importantly, exercise became much more enjoyable again. As an added bonus, I found that I didn't need those frequent (and costly) chiropractic, massage therapist and physiotherapy visits.

When I think back to those years of exercising in cheaper shoes, I still have trouble believing that I was basically willingly putting myself through a type of exercise torture all for a $60 saving which was probably eaten up tenfold when you take into consideration the medical costs I was paying. Given my background, I should have known better but I didn't.
Currently I'm on my 9th pair of the top of the line Asics Gel Nimbus runners, and I love them. If you are new to exercise or are restarting after a while, please learn from my mistakes and do yourself a favour. Treat yourself to a good pair of shoes. They really are worth the price.


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