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Realistically, what we can expect from life is what we give to it. Service, is not just a word, but a way of being that starts from within. A cheerful heart in life makes one more powerful and effective. Doing things with a grudge or a nervousness about it (of course) makes a person weak and ineffective. To understand what I am going to write, read Charles Francis Haanel's "The Master Key System".

Here is how life is designed:

We are designed to give happy service and fulfill ourselves. The more we know this, the better we do at every turn. Without this knowledge, life is just a job without fulfillment or reason, or even rhyme. Yesterday, I was watching an episode on cable of the show "Undercover Boss", and a segment of it was about a fitness center with a clerk that gave bad service, and hounded customers for quick payment of dues. The point to mentioning this in this article is if you cannot have a good attitude about doing service, and understand how to fulfill yourself without being destructive in any way, do not even think of starting to make a conscious effort. In fact remain where you are until you do have the capacity for genuine consciousness and growth.

Sure, this may sound harshly demanding for some, but for they who understand, this is a liberating and easy fact of life that makes things more clear cut. For we are here to enjoy serving and enjoy our earnings also. Note that I did not say anything about slavery, or game playing. I did say serving and enjoying our earnings though. That is only a fair reality, isn't it?

The unfair fantasy is slavery of any kind in reality where "A" is better than "B" or this is better than that or whatever. I mean, in reality, anyone with consciousness, understanding and intelligence that is genuine is on equal footing, really. Sure, it may take some hard knocks to know that, and evolution of understanding to know that, but make no mistake, it will be known as understanding does develop.

Further into reality

When we realize that the shadow is nothing but a refraction of light, that is when we start toward that great citadel of genuine consciousness. To be conscientious is what it takes to really experience reality. Observation and understanding here genuinely go hand-in-hand.

We must notice first and then analyze after we notice. For, when we "know it all", there is "nothing else". As long as we are alive, we must do something with what it is and we never know it all. Sure, we can master situations, I did not mean that was impossible. But, what is impossible is to genuinely live forever without consciousness like really, really genuinely cheating our way through life "the easy way". To earn, we must genuinely learn. There is not any other way to do it. Even in babyhood, we must develop from the start and there is no way of avoiding this.

Earning step by step is always better than cheating even if everything in us is lazy. I know, that is a seemingly blanket statement, but, earning your way instead of "easily" getting to the top, you know more and you know every "nook and cranny" and point of what you are doing with more and better skill really. When you have it too easy at the beginning, reality is harder down the road when called upon to use your knowledge at the top you have gotten to without the understanding of it. When we cope with life, everything we have to face is reality anyway, and without real understanding, we cannot really cope with it.

Running with it

There are times where even I want to cheat, I admit that. I understand temptation and wanting to go the easy route more than most people who submerge that understanding in fear of their own motivations, I think. But, analyzing those motivations honestly is a key to overcoming those motivations and not cheating and living a genuinely great life. Note that I said "a key" and not "the key" also, and you will understand better where I am coming from with this one. What makes cheaters more unconscious than honest, hard working people is this: They see ease without analyzing the hard part of that ease and make assumptions that the ease is all there is and that there is not any other parts to it except the advantages they get from taking the easy way. Now, I am not a glutton for punishment, but I understand the import of honesty, hard work, conscientious understanding and genuinely "going through it" before declaring "I know!" I am not perfect at it though, but I am striving for that consistently. That, I understand is part of going through it, so I will take it with understanding and willingly increased consciousness, no cheating!

So, what I mean by the title "Running With It" is this: Early in my existence, I made a decision to be honest with myself no matter what, good, pretty, bad or ugly. For many that is a scary fact, but for me, it is the most comforting fact of all. Fully-integrated honesty with yourself does lead over time to perfection, mastery and genuinely growing up. That is why I genuinely decided to "run with that". Some may see that path as silly. But, faking it is always silly and meaningless, even if you do "make it". Genuine success is nothing without genuine mastery or real knowledge of what you have done and what you are doing for the ultimate coping skill is be real and all the rest will be added to you genuinely.


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