Be Mindful of your Midnight Snack

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This article is about foods that could prevent you from sleeping

5 Foods to Avoid Before Going to Bed

Sleep allows our bodies to get the rest it needs and feel better for the following day. Whe we deny our body the rest it needs then we are in big trouble, the next time you have a bad night and cannot figure out why reflect on your diet; your food choices might be the cause of your sleepless nights.

Celery is known for being a good party dish but it canbe a bed time disaster. The superfood has an abundance of water and may ruin your sleep and have you running to the bathroom to prevent from wetting your clothes. It is also wise to avoid other foods that are high in water, watermelon and cucumbers are examples.

Tomatoes are good for salads, burgers, and pasta dishes but can another bed time disaster. The tomato can delay your trip o dreamland because of an amino acid called tyramine; tomatoes have more them enough of tyramine. Tyramine works through a stimulant called norepinephrine; norepinephrine increases brain activity and keep you up. Other foods that are rich in tyramine are eggplant and white wine.

Black Bean-Chili
Beans in general take a long time to digest so and cause gas. Imagine laying in bed trying to sleep and your stomach does not feel well because of black bean-chili.

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate is known for having health benefits but eating before you go to sleep may sleep the word disaster. Dark chocolate has caffine and caffine and can cause you to be stay awake. This apply to all foods that are rich in caffine.

If you had steak for dinner save it for the next day because it will make a awful midnight snack. Steak and other foods that are high in protein are take a long time to digest and the chances of getting a good night sleep are slim.


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author avatar Annie Godfrey
7th Oct 2014 (#)

Well there are some sneaky ones in there - celery?! I had no idea! Thanks for sharing, Ken

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author avatar Ken5-89
8th Oct 2014 (#)

I know, I have no clue that certain foods can ruin your sleep.

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