Be apart, be neither dirt nor froth

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A blind and brute-force fight against negative tendencies tends to result only in frustration and despair. Proper understanding of the nature of each negative tendency and the right strategy would lend greater confidence in our efforts toward overcoming them.

Be apart, be neither dirt nor froth

Some seek it with their mind,
Some never share what they find.
Those who reject it find themselves in a bind,
The wise ones know its place, and give it no mind.

Some harbor it, deep and selfish,
Some plot and scheme, restless and elfish,
Those who fight it with will, lose to their imagination,
The wise ones seek it for other souls, and find their own salvation.

Some are enticed, and go by the book,
Some fall prey, lured by its look,
Those who fight it never succeed,
The wise ones know better, and sublimate its every deed.

Some weaken and rise to its every call,
Some rage to its passion, and always fall,
Those who fight it get burned, though they may be brave,
The wise ones withdraw, seeing just water, but not the wave.

Some, by it, are made bitter and restless,
Some, by it, cast a wider web of distress,
Those who try to fight it find their every blow lends more might to the foe,
The wise ones know, each is best as himself, for the good lord made it so.

O pilgrim, be not tense, be not anxious,
Let the waves subside,
The dirt shall sink to the bottom,
The froth shall rise to the top,
And you shall be well apart from both.


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