Beating the Heat

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There is nothing worse than a boiling hot day. Tips on how to stay cool.

Beating the Heat

Cooling down is much harder than warming up. When it gets cold outside, you can put on more layers. Keep adding layers until you are warm enough.

When it’s hot, it’s not so simple. The body is meant to remain at 37.5 degrees centigrade on the inside. It remains this way by manipulating it’s surroundings by insulation and the epidermal layer of skin which can sweat to cool and contract and push in blood vessels to remain warm inside. Although sweating is a brilliant way to cool down the body, it’s not always the most socially acceptable way to stay cool. Here are a few other options.

Drink Water.

First mistake people make is not to drink water. If you are losing water by sweat, you will feel dried out. How does a desert feel? Hot and Dry. How will you feel after sweating constantly? Hot and Dry. Don’t be foolish, you’re not Superman and you will feel even hotter if you’re not replenishing fluids.

On a similar note, drinking room temperature water may be better than ‘ice cold’ from the refridgerator. Cold water has to be warmed up by the body. That means burning more energy inside, and paradoxically warming up the body.

Wear Light Colors.

Black absorbs heat. Black absorbs heat. Black absorbs heat. Get the picture? Think of the Tailor of Panama and other Spy thillers. All the gents in suits were relatively cool because they were wearing white or light suits. Light colours reflect it back, thus the clothing you are wearing won’t make you hotter than you already feel.

Carry an Umbrella.

As mad as it sounds, carrying an umbrella in the heat can save you alot of sweating. It creates a portable shade for you to walk under. Just make sure the umbrella is fabric and not a clear plastic one, otherwise you’ll be under a greenhouse roof.

Find some Airconditioning.

If you’re planning to walk through shopping areas or somewhere populated, make use of the urban environment. If you have time, ‘Browse’ your way through the shops with aircon and utilise them so you can best avoid the heat. Pretend you’re going to an office, pretend that you’re lost. Whatever it takes, make it a cooler walk through the city.

Good luck in the heat!


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author avatar Olivia Emisar
1st Sep 2010 (#)

Very appropriate article, with 100 plus here on some days, I can relate.

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author avatar LOVERME
1st Sep 2010 (#)


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author avatar Denise O
1st Sep 2010 (#)

Great information, thank you for sharing. I agree water is a must.

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