Beating the Odds... And the Numbers on the Scale!

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Working out is so important, and yet, a rarity in America. People often have the misunderstanding that an extended amount of time is needed to be physically healthy. Raising awareness that a five to 20 minute workout can be the difference between one being in shape and being 30 pounds overweight will aid in this country's overall health.

Being Weighed Down

In this age, everything is fast-moving. However, everyone is not fast-moving. Over 60 percent of American's are overweight. Simple physical activities can prevent this.

One Step at a Time

Walking is one of the easiest activities to do. It is free and can be incorporated in the busiest of schedules. Wearing ankle weights can help add more resistance, allowing for more calories to be burned. One may wear them throughout the day or during a limited time; i.e when getting ready for work, school, and an evening with family. Also, parking further away from buildings like office buildings, schools, and grocery stores make for extra walking time. If the distance is not too long and time-consuming, walking there is an option. When the arms are raised above the head, it burns more calories. Walking with arm raises, and other variations, will increase the heart rate.
The average human should walk at least 10,000 steps a day. These steps can add at least an extra 5 miles walked a week. Stepping toward a healthier lifestyle is very easy.
These steps will help shed excess water weight. Water weight is usually the easier to lose as it is he excess weight. This means that only slightly elevated from normal physical activities are needed to lose this weight. Walking also can be the gateway to more intense exercises. After losing some weight walking, it will render mentally, and physically, easier to do different workouts. It will be less pressure on the joints to do movements and be easier for your heart to increase it's rate.
Walking also helps to release endorphins. Endorphins act as a hormone. When they are released, it naturally makes the body feel better. They make you feel more energized, relieve stress, and improve overall moods.
Weight shouldn't be evolving into a major issue in America. Losing weight can be so easily done. It is literally as simple as putting one foot in front of the other!

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