Beauty comes from within!

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Simple beauty tips and daily routines for a more beautiful skin!

Basic skin care tips

Beauty really does come from within.. Although i am not a dermatologist i have had many experiences over skin care and i still am having because of my endless interest. İ would like to share some easy skin care tips that nearly all dermatologists advice and are easy to do. İ will be writing basic skin care needs no matter what your skin type is. Keeping it simple is the key word. Over exfoliating or treating your skin with harsh cleansers or even using moisturizers that are too heavy for your skin might cause long term harms that would be hard to cure. İ have had my own experiences and bad or good i have taken lessons from them. Now i know what product to and not to buy once i'm in the pharmacy or beauty store.

First step for glowing skin

The first step for skin care routine must be a cleanser. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Rubbing the cleanser softly and smoothly for 60 seconds over your face and washing would be enough, then pat dry with towel There are many types of cleansers; cream,jel and even exfoliating. İf your skin tends to be dry it is very important that you stick to creamy forms that won't overdry your skin. Jel forms are for oily to combination skin while exfoliating ones are for oily skin types only since they tend to be more harsh. İ would advice pharmacy products that do not have perfume or any other harmful ingredient for daily use.

A must for everyone: moisturizer

After cleansing you need to moisturize your skin. Even if your skin is oily, since there are moisturizers for oily skin types, don't skip this stage. Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin is just as important as choosing the cleanser. Again, there are many types and it can get really confusing but here is the advice: don't look at the beauty of the package or the brand, focus on what skin type it is for. İf your skin is oily buy oil-free moisturizers also with the label non-comedogenic on it. Using an oily type would end up clogging your pores and causing too much excess oil on the surface of your skin. İf your skin is dry go for moisturizers with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E formulas. Again i advice pharmacy products that do not have perfumes in them.

Helpers for the real glow: Exfoliants

Skin produces dead cells each day forming a layer. İn order to reveal the more beautiful layer and remove those dead cells we need to exfoliate. Everybody must learn and understand the difference between two types of exfoliants: chemical exfoliants and physical exfoliants. Physical exfoliants are working with your own physical rubbing power. The stronger you rub the more dead cells that come off from the skin surface. But what if you are rubbing too much? Then you end up with rash and redness on your skin. You cannot really control and know when is the best to stop. So best is to use chemical exfoliants at night times before bed applying and leaving them on your face. İt will do a magic by removing the dead layer and renewing your face at night. Using a sunscreen among with an exfoliant is very very important since your skin will tend to be more sensitive to sun exposure. İ highly recommend you to seek a dermatoloigst to get an advice on what type you actually need since exfoliation is very important and must not be done without the advice of a pysician.

Smile, Laugh and take stress out of your life

To summerize all of the things i have said so far these are the basics but never ever forget that beauty comes from within! Always smile, laugh as often as you can, relax and keep away from alcohol, smoke and caffeine to glow! Eat vegetables and fruits everyday and drink lots of water. Wishing you a beautiful life and glowing skin..


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