Before Cursing Your Stretch Marks - Celebrate Them

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Stretch marks have been a source of despair and desperation for many from perceiving their body as different from what they would like it to be.

Before Cursing Your Stretch Marks - Celebrate Them

Stretch marks have been a source of despair and desperation for many from perceiving their body as different from what they would like it to be. For sure stretch marks have been treated as foreign things on our body for long but were you to change that attitude, it would do you more good than harm. A coin is always two sided.
There are many causes of stretch marks like genetic, pregnancy, rapid weight gain and loss, steroids and use of some other medicines. Majority of the causes of stretch marks on our body are not bad habits nor can they be termed as good but they are just forces of nature at work.

Thus due to the reasons which are given below, before you curse your stretch marks you should appreciate them and know their source might be your pride.
It is a primary cause of stretch marks on women's body through baby fat and expansion of the stomach muscles as the pregnancy grows. Though the resulting look on your body will not be appealing to you or others, they are marks of blessings and a big achievement in life. We live because we were born and by giving birth it is carrying on the continuity obligation which is both wise and good.
*Weight gain
In most of the cases, weight results from eating junks or just ordinary food but not doing an equal activity to burn and stores the fats in a more healthy form of glucose and fatty acids. Though that’s a failure on your part to control your weight, on the other hand, you are better than a majority of the people in the world since you have enough to eat and in excess for that matter. So the source of your stretch marks is an indication of the abundance of blessings you have in your life.
Majority of those who practice bodybuilding and weightlifting activities like to show their muscles; no wonder you will see them wearing tight tops and shirts. Unfortunately, in the long term or short term depending on the body metabolism rate and aging process, the body starts to develop stretch marks.
Though they are in the same categories of other stretch marks, a deeper analysis of them might rename them to stretch marks of power. Weightlifters and bodybuilders are an envy of many and are admired by a majority. So the earlier they start positively looking at their stretch marks, the better.
Life is a cycle and a process that starts when you are born until a senior’s age. Every parent is happy when their children crawl and eventually walk. The same way every child is glad to graduate from childhood to adulthood. The phase of transition between those two stages is what is called puberty. It results in a series of hormonal changes in the body as some become more dominant than others and others are suppressed.
Ladies have a lower basal fat oxidation rate when compared to males, and this leads to their fat deposits on their body to be twice of those of men. As a result, their fat cells increase in size and cause the body to stretch more to accommodate the increased volume of fat. There might be a solution to this, but it is purely natural that women will gain more weight than men when exposed to the same conditions.
Genes are what determines who we are; at birth, no one has a choice on what to be or what to become. You just end up being the one you are by extra forces which were beyond your control. Thus if you have a skin condition that makes your skin loose or stretch abnormally; it might be disturbing, but none of those conditions can be attributed to your failure. Hormones are responsible for those activities, for example, a dry skin type person is likely to develop the stretch marks compared to a person with oily skin.
When this word is mentioned, many people think of the use of drugs for the wrong reason by athletes and sports people. What majority of the people are not aware of is that there are different types of steroids and some are prescriptions for certain body conditions. For example, some are used for the treatment of inflammation of blood vessels and muscles.
During their use, the common side effect is the development of stretch marks as a secondary result. Thus despite having stretch marks, you are trying to contain some medical conditions which are more dangerous than the stretch marks. So, stretch marks resulting from such should never make you feel down in spirit or negatively look at your body. The greatest thing you can do is appreciate and recognize them as marks of a battle worth fighting.
Both nature and nurture determine a majority of the people's behavior. Thus, how the people around us treat us determines to a significant level how we feel about ourselves. So if they are saying that “stretch marks are not good,” you are likely to buy their notion and have the same view as them. The solution to this is developing personal principles as well as teaching people from a school of thought that advocates for positive recognition of stretch marks rather than dismissing them as strange and bad marks.


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