Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

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Lots of scientific research indicates that vegetarians have lower risks of chronic diseases compared to meat eaters. In recent times, a lot of people interested in vegetarianism, but some are unsure whether vegetarian food habit is well-balanced and suitable for them.

History of Vegetarianism

It was, actually many centuries before the Western world depicted an interest in the vegetarian lifestyle. This idea about Vegetarian dates back around 5th century BC.

The Legendary Greek philosopher Pythagoras, regarded as the father of vegetarianism, encouraged meatless habits of eating among his followers as the eating habits which considered as more natural and well-balanced.

In the efforts of the diet reformers, public attention towards a vegetarian diet was at the highest form in the mid 19th century through the first part of the 20th century.

By the midst of the 20th century, however, the vitamin invention and production of government supported food guides, meat based eating habits, suggested as the most practical ways to eat.

Then again, the vegetarianism enjoyed a resurgence in popularity again in the 1960s and 70s as a good choice of the new health conscious members of the counterculture. In the last two decades, interest in vegetarian diets has continued to solidify.

The Vegetarian Diets

Vegetarian foods are one of the most well-known alternative diet. The level of vegetarianism can vary largely, ranging from those who consume red meat occasionally to those who totally leave out any animal derived dishes, like dairy products or eggs, from their eating habits.

Many people prefer vegetarian food for a variety of reasons. According to field research, many adults who decide to become vegetarians go for it because they think a vegetarian diet is more healthy.

Some other people decide on vegetarianism primarily because of moral or ecological concerns, spiritual beliefs, or monetary considerations. Spiritual beliefs are performing a key part in Asian countries than they do in some other areas of the world.
In several regions of the world, animal based foods cost a lot that most people cannot be able to consume them regularly.

Following a vegetarian way of life requires more dedication, however, as vegetarian sources of protein are not as total as their animal counterparts. Moreover, by avoiding animal protein, you may have created certain nutrient deficiencies that you have to counteract.

Keep in mind to take a multivitamin/mineral based Vegetarian diet plan which was specially created for vegetarians.

The Animal Based Diets

Every day life is loveable and enjoyable to all. The very concept of killing animals to consume is offensive to aesthetic sense. The sign of the pain and writhing of their flow of blood and dying carcasses should definitely recoil on our own, souls, furnishing us with brutal behavior.

Many people believe that the slaying of animals is essential for their living. There is not a single point of justification for this act of cruelty. Nuts, fruit and vegetables and cereals contain all the nourishment essential to support our life, in their purity.

Veg diet plans conceived better joy giving foodstuff than the deceased entrails and the carcasses of helpless animals butchered repeatedly and in utter disregard of their mute ask for mercy.

"A human can live healthy without killing animals for food. Therefore, if he eats meat he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite".- Leo Tolstoy

Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diets

Traditionally, there has been much uncertainty among some health experts about Vegetarian diets. However, generations of men and women around the world have now grown up on these types of diets, assisting to dispel such misguided beliefs.

The proof that vegetarians are at lower risk of excess body weight, bowel problem, lung cancer, and addiction to alcohol strongly identified. The proof that risks of high blood pressure, coronary artery disorder, type II diabetes, and gallstones are very low among vegetarians.

The readily available data were guiding a link between vegetarian diet and reduced risk of breast and colon cancers, Diverticular disease (the colon disease,involving diverticula presence), skeletal deformities, stone formations in kidney, dental erosion and caries.

Vegetarians come with a lesser amount of incidence of Obese. This is due to consuming less total calories, much less fat, even more fiber. Heading back to a vegetarian diet plan is in following natures original design for us, and that is why a vegetarian diet is healthier for all.

Most likely the greatest benefit of all, though, is that vegetarian meals are tasty and imaginative. Being a Vegetarian means making and consuming varied, interesting and tasty foods.

Vegetarian Diet Health Benefits - Vid

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16th Mar 2014 (#)

eating animals really is not good for your health and wellbeing ...

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16th Mar 2014 (#)

i totally accept with you carolina. thanks for sharing your point of view in this matter.

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16th Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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thanks for your encouraging post fern.

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16th Mar 2014 (#)

Veg diet is healthy

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it is true Madan. thanks for your comment.

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17th Mar 2014 (#)

Very well done...thanks sukkran...

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18th Mar 2014 (#)

Being a vegetarian has many benefits. Great post.

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thanks for your vist vellur

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