Benefits of Hair Replacement Systems

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Hair replacement systems being non-surgical do away with possible risks of scarring or pain, can be revoked, is far less costly than transplants and are available in a wide spectrum of choices to be customized according to the existing hair density and color.

All About Hair Replacement Systems

If you thought toupees and wigs were merely meant to be donned by celebs and those involved in the entertainment genre for wearing myriad looks, it is worth knowing that hair replacement systems as they are known as, have much more significant role to play than simple makeover ideas. Hair systems which comprise hair pieces for men and women are non-surgical ways of hair replacement in contrast with surgical procedures such as hair transplants. The concept is no new discovery and has been there for decades, although they are presently witnessing escalating demand as a solution for hair loss problems like alopecia. Consequently, hair systems are no longer those stodgy pieces of hair rugs that you used to see sold at your nearby cosmetic store. Today hair replacement for men and women are customized to match the exact texture, density and color of individual person’s hair for accomplishing a natural look. Here are some advantages of this technique.

Non-surgical, Instant Results: Hair replacement being a non-surgical method you get its results instantaneously without being the butt of any possible side-effects or complications which often crop up in case of hair transplantation. Many individuals opting for hair transplantation undergo excruciating pain, discomfort or suffer from complicated conditions due to infection or because of impact of anesthesia. There may even be cases of “shock loss” whereby the transplanted hair falls immediately after the surgery which requires further treatments. With replacements there is no such risks since the procedure involves shaving of one small part of the head on which a mesh with the right density and color of hair is stuck with an adhesive. If you do not get allergic to the adhesive, there is no other possible risk associated with replacement procedure.

Ideal for Temporary Baldness: Alopecia may be of various types and may be caused by a number of factors such as hormonal changes, aging, family history of baldness as well as temporary hair loss due to diseases or medications. Hence, patients who are undergoing chemotherapy for treatment of cancer and suffering from consequent hair loss can resort to hair replacement to cope up with the temporary hair loss issue. With a hair replacement system you can stop wearing it anytime you feel there is no need of the same.

Not Dependent on Donor Hair: Did you know, proper hair transplantation depends on the healthy growth and condition of your own hair that are present at the back and on the sides of your head? The areas, known as donor areas require sufficient quantities of healthy hair follicles to carry out the transplantation surgery, in the absence of which non-surgical hair replacement is the best option to go for.

Less Expensive: Although you might need to shell out money from your pocket intermittently to maintain and care for your hair replacement, the initial cost of undergoing the process is much lesser than a full-fledged hair transplant surgery, making it a much affordable option for many.

A Plethora of Styles and Colors to choose From: Finally, hair replacement systems for both men and women come in myriad hair shades, textures, density and styles for you to make you pick in accordance to your preference. Whether you are suffering from hair loss due to a disease or have scarred patches on your head arising from previous attempts at transplantation, you can go for hair replacement at any point of time without having to think about possible complications.

After a long career in hair treatment and hair style suggestions, I Thomas Oakwood, now feel like sharing my experiences with everyone having any issues related to hair in United Kingdom. Here in this article of mine, I have shared the various benefits of hair replacement systems. For more information on the same, visit


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After a long career in hair treatment and hair style suggestions, I Thomas Oakwood, now feel like sharing my experiences with everyone having any issues related to hair in United Kingdom.

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