Benefits of Mango - The Seasonal fruit

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Fruit that can taste yummy and juicy and in between make us feel very pulpy giving our skin a fresh look is MANGO, the Mangifera indica. Indians especially love mangoes and ofcourse my favorite fruit is mango, the reason why i am writing about.


The temptation to resist the sensation of relishing mango shakes drenching down the hot summers with the pulpy flesh while peeling off the slices of mango is irresistable and irrevocable like Bella Swan's and Edwards love.

What can mango do for us?

Be it mango juice or mango shake or the fruit, the fruit has multi-functional capability of doing too many good and great stuff to our health and body especially the skin.Of course we are not aware of many benefits mango can do for us.

The fruit has the capacity to regenerate cells since it is rich in Vitamin C and contains many anti-oxidants. Vitamin C increases the collagen production which in turn sounds beneficial for a healthy glowing skin. Anti-oxidants help in curing heart and cancer illness at a very high level.

1) Prevents the skin from getting damaged during summer.
2) The clogged pores are usually taken good care.
3) Fighter against diabetes, Mango has proved to be the best tasty medicine for all those who give preference to their taste buds than health.
4) If you can take mango leaves and keep in fresh warm water and close it with lid, the medicine can be taken the next morning on an empty stomach by filtering it with water.
Face cleansing can get easier with mango fruit. This mainly helps in clearing or removing of tanned skin. You can prepare the scrub at home within minutes and apply the paste and let it dry for about fifteen minutes.
5) Oily skin problem can be easily sorted out with the pulp squash of mango face pack which must be applied for about 10 minutes on an average.
6) Rich in Iron content, it is the best fruit suggested by doctors for women after their menopause after which they usually become too weak.
7) Pregnant women must not eat too many mangoes until and unless they have the habit of eating from their childhood days.

How to Prepare Mango Paste To remove Tanning?

Mix honey and pulp of mango with flour. Make it like a thick paste and do the needful.


Use separate knife for cutting the mango slices and check if your skin is suffering from any irritation with small amount to be tested on the skin first.

So, enjoy the summer with mangoes all over especially in Indian market.


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25th May 2012 (#)

Interesting and useful information on the King of fruits - Mango. Who doesn't like it?
I see you have many pages on health. Need to read more as I too write on healthy foods and health stuff.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
25th May 2012 (#)

Super fruit, thanks for this great information :0)!

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author avatar Euphonos
26th May 2012 (#)

@Rajan: Sure I will :) and @Delicia: will come up with more useful secrets :)

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author avatar hosariwi
26th Jun 2012 (#)

Very useful information on the health benefits of a good fruit. Great job!

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author avatar Euphonos
28th Jun 2012 (#)

@hosariwi: thank you :)

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