Benefits of Reed Roots for Health

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A cup of reed roots able to heal some kidney diseases and problem of urine.


The scientific name of reed is imperata cylindrica, placed in the panicoideae class. It also called as blady grass, cogon grass, spear grass, silver-spike or generally referred to as satin tail, referring to the white-haired panicle flowers are smooth. The Netherlands named it snijgras, because the sharp leaves are hurt.

This plant has long and scaly buds, creeping underground. The tip (bud) shoots appear in the land of pointy sharp. It is rising up to the top of the soil with flower white or purplish. The height of stem about 0.2 – 1.5 meters. Its leaves are shaped line (Ribbon length), spiky with pointed base which narrows with a length of approximately 12-80 centimeters is rough, jagged edged and sharp,

The reeds are multiplying rapidly with the seeds being spread quickly along the wind or through the rhizome that rapidly penetrates the soil loose.

Reeds spread naturally from India to East Asia, Southeast Asia, Micronesia and Australia. Now, the reeds are also found in Northern Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas and in some islands.

Some kidney diseases which can be cured by reed roots

The rhizome or roots of the reed is often used as ingredients in traditional medicines for heal bloody urine disease, acute kidney disease and launching urine.

Bloody urine disease

How to make a glass of tea of reed roots for bloody urine diseases?
• Take fresh reed roots about 100 grams
• Then wash them
• Boil the root of reeds into 2 glasses of water, wait for it until the water boiled left half of it
• Lift up and chill, strain water of root of reeds to separate fiber
• Drink 2 times a day, regularly.

Acute kidney disease

How to make a cup of tea of reed roots tea to heal acute kidney diseases?
• Take fresh reed roots 60 – 120 grams
• Cut root of reeds into a small size, then wash and clean
• Boil it into 3 cups of water
• Wait and let the stew boil till remaining water into 1 cup
• Lift, chill and strain the boiled water last to separate fibers
• Drink 2 times a day, regularly.

Launch of urine

How to create a glass of tea of reed roots for launching of urine?
• Take 40 stems of reed roots that have been dried and then cut into small
• Boil the rhizome that has been dismembered into 2 glasses of water
• Wait and let the stew boil until the water remaining into 1 glass
• The last, lift, chill and strain the fibers
• Drink 2 times a day, regularly.

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