Benefits of a Buttock Massage are Numerous

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This buttock massage article is using for helping buttock enhancement or buttock lift. Not For Stress Relief. --Information include : 1 How to do buttock massage at home. 2 Step by step buttock massage

Benefits of a Buttock Massage are Numerous

There are many benefits of having a buttock massage. Even with all of these benefits, most people have never had one. Did you know women complain the most about their saggy behinds? Did you also know that most of us, men and women alike, carry most of our stress in our buttocks? That's right and if you start to pay attention to it you will probably notice that you are clenching your cheeks a lot more than you realized.

That being said, I began to wonder why more people have not had a buttock massage. Is it that we are timid about asking for one? Maybe it is because we don't understand how good they are for reducing your stress, or how good they feel. Whatever the reason it is time to pass along some information that might help you get rid of some of that stress and get firmer buttocks.

Self-buttock massageYou will want to begin by sitting on a rug or towel on the floor. Bring your knees up so that the bottoms of your feet are resting firmly on the floor.Put your hands, palms down, next to your hips.Using your hands for balance, lean back and keeping knees bent, raise feet slightly off of the floor, so that all of the weight is on your buttocks.Roll slightly to the right, so that only the right buttock is on the floor. Now slowly roll around on that side to work out the gluteusmuscles.Change to the left side and repeat.

Home buttock massage from a partner.Begin with the person receiving the message lying on their stomach.The person giving the massage should be next to person 1, facing their feet, body turned diagonally towards person 1.Open hands with fingers stretched open. Begin at top of buttocks and gently rub, following the natural curve of the buttocks. This relaxes lower back muscles.Continue to rub outward toward the sides in a circular motion. Pull up gently on the side and knead the fleshier areas on the top.Move your position further down the leg. Turn facing the head. With your palm press into the back of the lower thigh, just above the knee. Push firmly up the leg to the meaty part of the buttock. Repeat with the other leg.Using your fingertips, gently massage the triangle space between your hips and the bottom of the spine. Use a small, circular motion.

In your buttocks there are three different muscles on each side, the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus. These are some of the biggest muscles in your body. In order to firm and tighten these large muscles so that you have nicer looking buttocks it is essential that you have a nutritious diet and that you exercise. Squats, running, walking and biking are all good forms of exercise for having a shapelier behind. However, as important as exercise is, don't forget the buttock massage. It definitely has a place in getting the lift you are looking for.

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