Benefits of achieving alkalinity in body cells

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The main origin of coral calcium (and why natives of the place live longer),its immense benefits to overall health and reasons why you ought to act now to reduce acidity in your body.

How to combat acidity in your body

There are elements required for the body to work well. Calcium especially has been lauded for its bone growth and strengthening characteristic. When this mineral is deficient in the body, the bone structure becomes weak and may cause several problems. Heart functioning may be compromised and diseases like osteoporosis can easily come up. In children, lack of this mineral element can lead to stunted growth.

Coral calcium is gotten from the reefs in the ocean; especially off the Japanese Okinawa coast. It is especially popular for the fact that it adds to the density of the bones. It brings about better health in the body and promotes the growth of healthy cells. When there is not enough calcium for the body’s use, the system starts drawing on the reserves of the bones. This creates an eminent problem in the body’s overall strength. When there has been proven a deficiency in this element, there is need to have supplements that will boost the intake gotten from the diet.

This special kind of calcium does pretty much the functions that other supplements do. However, there is one added benefit that it comes with. It helps reduce the acidity that may be present in the body. It has an alkali effect that lowers the toxicity posed by a low pH level.

Aqualyte on the other hand has been meant for athletes for a long time. It has been used by those who are in performance of physically taxing activities that lead to excessive loss of water through sweating. It is preferred to water and other energy drinks for its proper maintenance of the body’s electrolyte balance.

It also does the work of alkalizing the body. When one is going through physical exhaustion, the pH of the body cells tends to go acidic. This is because less oxygen is dissolved into the system to remove toxins. Aqualyte on the other hand maintains an optimum pH level so that the body retains its activity. This shows the relationship between Aqualyte and coral calcium; the former is made of the latter.

Coral calcium is primarily gotten from the reefs off Okinawa islands in Japan. It has been shown that the inhabitants of this island live longer than other people. This is as a result of the water they consume that has been in contact with the reef. This water is not only alkaline and electronically charged, it has lots of minerals that help boost the body’s strength and ability to absorb nutrients.

The trend has been for well-informed people to add Aqualyte to the water they take. It gives the coral calcium required in the body. In addition, due to its alkaline nature, it helps increase oxygen supply to the body for better nervous system performance. Other benefits of this supplement like more energy supplied to the body are also realized. Aqualyte need not be a preserve of sports personalities. The coral calcium it contains does a lot for overall health.


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