Benefits of fear

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A re look at the positives of fear and how it is beneficial to keep us going!

Fear optimistically

The benefits of fear :

In this relative Time-Space, Fear of punishment and embarrassment helps you align yourself to the good, the virtuous . You will refrain from choosing a path which is short sighted because that will not be appreciated en masse.

Fear helps you be adhere to daily schedules and ensures timeliness in nearly all dimensions of life.

In essence, Fear acts as a deterrent or a disciplining force and can be called as a “correcting force”.

The quantum of fear experienced by an individual, in its corrective form, varies.Cases of extreme nervousness and desperation have resulted only because the smaller doses of fear have been ignored.

When fear takes the ‘All-Absorbing” form, it causes stress of a very very high degree and the response of individuals facing it will vary upon how much they can bear. This stress causes disruption in the bio chemical system and diseases erupt when the tolerance levels are superseded. The mind body complex then, can handle fewer doses of fear and stress than before and yearns to get back inside the control limits.

Most of the fear arises because we are too engrossed and involved in our thinking, which means that we are exposing ourselves to an imaginary world, where the switching between moods/ experiences happens at a drastically sharper rate compared to the real physical world. This smells of desperation also, where the thoughts want to see an effect which will take time in the real physical world to happen. So the first thing to observe in ourselves is the gap in our thought and action. Action exhausts the mind of its infinite speculation.This cleavage is a very important measure of how well we are synchronizing the mind and the body. The wider the time delay in executing or exhausting our thoughts, more the chances of “lounging in the mind”. The longer we voluntarily spend with a thought, the longer we want to spend time with that thought ( remember …the mirror above?)

In our body, most of the fears originate from the base of the spine. Chilling fear or a chill down the spine terms come from this phenomenon. Physically, that’s the beginning of the spine and is the reference point for all types of fears. If you notice deeply, its the back of the head which throbs with fear once it strikes harshly. In the entire mind body complex, it is important to make observations as to what kind of a thought is leading to which types feeling or fear. Bodily fears, financial fears, spiritual fears, self esteem fears are some of the broad categories but the effect of all of them is nearly the same. A weak mind will choose flight and create more errors while a strong mind will try to reset the situation to whatever extent it can.

Coming back to the benefits of fear, how do you see yours? Do you spend much time in speculations? Do you oil the mind body complex with thought and action? Have you been able to identify which fears dominate the portfolio of fears you carry? Why do you have them is a separate question which we try to address later. We also discuss how we can get out of fear-storms. As a precursor it is important to know that once in a while we will be afraid, it will help to know what is causing it and it will also be wise to address what is causing the fear.

Deep inside you must know… that you need not feel weak. You are strong.


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