Best Food and Exercise Routine for Muscle Building Weight Loss

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To develop your body completely, you need both exercises and proper food. Energy from the food helps the muscles to develop properly. Here we see how we work out and what we should eat.

Balance your food for good growth

For bodybuilding, they place much stress on nutritious food plan. Muscles need amino acids and since these are essential for cell growth. Amino acids are in plenty in protein especially complete proteins. Carbohydrates provide the energy.

When you exercise, you are stretching the muscles of your body so that they begin to expand. In the process, they tear. When you supplement your food with the right kind of proteins, they body will repair the torn muscles while you sleep each night.

A) Workout regimen for beginners

You must begin all workout regimens with a warm up session just as you end them with a warm down session.

You can choose from these exercises and work your way towards tougher workout routines. Initially, for each exercise, begin with sets of three with a break of one minute in between each set. Proceed from first step to the last step over one week time.
I. First
o Squats: keep your back straight, sit, and rise with arms outstretched.
o Bench press: Use small weights when you are starting out and do not overstress.
o Barbell curls: Keep your arms swinging parallel to the body always.
II. Second
o Pull-ups: This is strenuous and produces great results.
o Abs Roller: You need an Abs roller machine. It is a combination of push ups and stretching exercises.
o Inclined bench press: Incline the bench to the extent you want and do the bench press.
III. Third
o Deadlifts: In weight lifting, you begin with lowest possible weight first.
o Chin-ups:

Second portion of exercises

This is another form of pull-ups where you take up more strain when you exercise.
IV. Fourth
o Lunges: Sit down on your haunches alternate each leg with sets of 6 ups and downs.
o Dips: Use the parallel bars to go up and down in sets of 6 and do three sets.
o Sitting calf raises: Use dumbbell or suitable weight and raise your knees from seated position.

B) Get to know your muscle building foods

1. Milk and dairy products
i. Eggs – Omega-3
ii. Protein shake
iii. Yogurt
iv. Cottage cheese
v. Fermented dairy products

2. Fish and meat
vi. Lean beef
vii. Swordfish
viii. Trout
ix. Rotisserie Chicken
x. Bass
xi. Turkey breast
xii. Salmon

3. Pulses and nuts
xiii. Lentils
xiv. Whey proteins
xv. Chickpeas
xvi. Nuts

Know your foods

Your muscle building food supplement plan should include carbohydrates. Eat carbohydrates early in the morning and in post-workout periods. Quinoa, brown rice, wholesome rye bread, and sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates cause spikes in sugar levels in the blood. This is bad for the person. Complex carbohydrates found in substances like wholesome rye bread digest slowly and so will not affect the sugar levels.

Healthy fats found in nuts, soy milk and fish improve your health. Among oils, canola and olive oil have healthy fats. Lastly, remember to drink plenty of water. A person should drink 3 liters of water. For women it is 2.4 liters.

Complete and incomplete proteins
You need to know about this only if you are doing rapid muscle development regimen. Complete proteins will give you everything needed to process the amino acids and convert them into material for cells. Meat products are complete proteins.

Eat well and exercise well

Your meal should consist of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the healthy ratio of 40 – 35 – 25. You can decrease the fat content and increase the protein amount when you are doing rapid training like stair running or jump kicking.

You must spread your exercise routine out as – two days for normal exercise, one-day break and then two days for rapid exercise. When you give the body a break, it repairs the muscles and helps it to grow properly. Keeping regularity in your routine will help your body adjust fast over time.

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