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The best inversion table exercises can be very beneficial to your overall health and fitness. These exercises come with a certain degree of strenuousness. Inversion table exercises can be daunting and different from the regular exercises. Crunches, sit-ups, lumbar zone stretches are just some of the common exercises that are performed on the inversion table.

How to Choose an Inversion Table

One of the most revolutionary and far-reaching inventions of the modern times is inversion table. Designed to hold the user upside down, they not only target a problem but also offer an efficient solution for it. They reverse the effect of gravity and, as a result, prevent gravity from exerting a downward force on the user. Scientific evidence has proven that these tables can change the flow of your blood. Moreover, they can help your lymphatic system as well to extract and draw toxins from the system.

The popularity of inversion tables is continuously increasing, and they are being used by several people from various professionals, including athletics and medical. In addition to this, these tables are being used in households as they offer you a way to get relief from back pain and ease its symptoms. However, with so many models available with different features, designs, and functions, it can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task to pick and buy one. To assist you in your purchase, here is a guide to choosing the best inversion table to match your requirements.

About Inversion Tables

For those who are hearing about inversion table for the very first time, let’s get to know a little about them before considering their qualities and features. As claimed by scientists and physicians, the tables are basically used for alleviating the symptoms that are associated with a backache. Although they do not come with any weight attached, they are often referred to as weight machines. In fact, it is the user’s body that acts as the weight and the table offers the tools required to work and stretch the back and joints of the body. As mentioned earlier, it can reverse the effects of gravity and prevent it from pulling you downwards.



Every best inversion table comes with a different frame construction. It is the frame that determines at how many degrees you can tilt, which is why it should be one of the main aspects to look at when purchasing the table. The frame should be durable and sturdy because in the beginning, you will tilt at lower angles, such as 30 to 35 degrees, but after a few months, you may want to tilt up to ninety degrees. The larger the frame, the more stable the inversion table will be. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you will be able to fit on it comfortably, so purchase the one that is appropriate according to your weight and height. You will find the maximum tilting capacity listed with the maximum and minimum weight a table can withstand in its specifications section.

Back Pads and Comfort

While it is pretty obvious that thicker pads are far more comfortable than the thinly lined ones, bulkier does not always mean more comfortable. It is important to go for the best inversion table that is constructed from high-quality materials as that will provide enhanced comfort over extended durations. You might come across some cheap tables that will have low-quality filling in their pads, which will cause you discomfort if you use them for longer periods. Molded beds with honeycomb or mesh design are very sturdy and can provide utmost comfort. Moreover, it is important to know that a few inversion tables come with removable pads that can be used for other exercises as well, which makes these tables a better option.

Motor Capabilities

A few newer and more advanced inversion table models come with built-in motors that can automatically invert the table for you. These motors help in the tilting process, so you will not be required to tilt the table up and down manually. All you need to do is simply flick the switch, and the table will invert itself.

Ab-Building Capabilities

Some models are quite versatile and can serve more than one purpose, such as the Ironman ATIS 1000. This particular table comes with the ab-building capability. If you want an invertible table to not only invert but also improve the shape of your body, having a multi-purpose table can be very beneficial. It will allow you to work on your abdominal area while tilting.

Platform and Clamps

Every inversion table has different platforms and clamps. The clamps are useful to strap around your ankles when you are tilting, while the platform supports your body, helping you feel safe. Since different people have different feet size, it is recommended to purchase a table with an adjustable platform. In addition to this, a padded knee bar can be a quite useful tool as well that will prevent your ankles from hanging.

Vibration Pads

Attached as extras to the best inversion table, vibration pads are useful in the relaxing and muscle-working process. If you are big on sports massages, it will be a good decision to opt for tables that have vibration pads as it can be an ideal way to wind down in the evening. Also, they will serve as a massaging chair, so you can save your money by not paying frequent visits to your masseuse.

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