Best ways of relieving stress

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What are the some best ways of relieving stress caused by everything... these days?

Release those stress!

In a modern society like today, it is not surprising that many people suffers from stress related illnesses. People with high demanding jobs suffers from stress, students preparing for increasingly difficult exams suffers from stress even dogs with ridiculous owners are stressing out… but let’s not go that far out.

Severe levels of stress often leads to poor mental and physical health. In fact, it can get so severe that leads one to suicide…which is never a good thing, obviously. So what are some of the ways to relieve stress?

Go for a jog. Or a swim. Or hiking. The point is…do some physical exercise. When you exercise, your attention will be diverted from that nagging boss of yours to your aching muscle pain because you are always too busy to exercise and now your muscle are complaining. Naturally, your body feels relaxed after a good long run and your mind follows.

Snore. Well you don’t actually have to. Just get some sleep. Or even just an hour of nap. Your body need a rest, no one can go on for ever without a rest. When you wake up again, you’re mind will instantly feel refreshed and read to go. You will be able to concentrate on whatever you are doing and solve your problem, therefore decreasing stress.

Acupuncture. Our brain and body works like a water pipe system that runs our whole body…sort of. Think of the water as the energy that flows in the pipe.The energy (or in my theory, the water in the pipe) gives us a drive to perform a task. When a person suffers from stress, the flow of energy ( WATER!) is disrupted. In order to restore the smooth energy flow, one must seek acupuncture treatment. The practitioner strategically pokes the needles onto special points on the body ( from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t hurt ) that provoke the brain’s release of endorphins. The release of endorphins gives the individual a relaxed feeling (euphoria). This process relieves stress and alleviates pressure and tension in other parts of ones body.

Hit the spa! Ladies favourite way to release stress. Get a massage, facial treatment, mani-padi…ANYTHING! Pamper yourself once in awhile and let your mind drift away. You will feel relaxed and at peace which is a major role in stress relieving.

Talk to someone. Whether it’s you drooling dog or a professional therapist, talking is a great way to relieve stress. Even if your dog don’t understand you, letting it all out will make you feel absolutely better. A professional therapist can offer you some advice on your crisis. So never bottle out whatever you’re holding in. That is the cause of many stressed out people these days.

Which ever method you choose, make sure it suit’s you best. The main thing is that you are relieving stress before it gets way out of hand. And I assure you, it will not be pretty when it gets out of hand.


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