Best ways to relax

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You may feel quite frustrated after handling a whole week of stressful workload in your office. However, you can’t slow down immediately, because you have to prepare an important family party for celebrating the 10th marriage anniversary of your parents or you have to organize an exciting birthday party as not to make your kid feel disappointed.

Best ways to relax

So what to do now? Indeed, there are some simple tips which can help you release the stress and get back your full energy easily and quickly:

Tip No.1 - Take 1 hour break to enjoy a warm bath and enjoy a cup of warm green tea during your bath time.

The health-friendly green tea and warm temperature of your bath can effectively calm down and relax your body muscles and nervous system. If possible, it’s recommended to play some smoothing music in your bathroom during your relaxing bath journey. After the warm soap bath, you can take a quick cool shower to wake up your body and your mind and get ready for handling the important tasks.

Tip No.2 - Find a quiet place to sit down and massage your face.

If you can’t go home to take a relaxing bath before you have to continue other tasks, you can try another easy way to get some relax. Firstly, you find a quiet place to sit down and put your elbows on a table. Secondly, cover your closed eyes with the palms of your cupped hands without pressing. Thirdly, relax your two shoulders and make sure that your back and neck are also well aligned.
When you feel the darkness and warmth from your palms, think about the pleasant things. Taking 10 or 15 minutes to enjoy the calmness in this darkness can help you feel quite fresh after.

Tip No.3 - Give a call to one of your best friends and let him or her make you laugh.

Talking to people that you like but make no competition with your job can help you relax. When you talk to a good friend, you don’t have to hide your true feeling about your job or your family issues. Then you can feel fresh easily after getting some understanding and support from your friends through the phone call.

Tip No.4 - Do some simple and quick physical exercises to relax your body.

1) Raise both of your shoulders as if they can touch your ears. Keep this posture for 15 seconds and relax after.

2) Turn your head forward then backward slowly with both eyes closed. Repeat 10 times by each side.


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author avatar giftarist
13th Nov 2010 (#)

These are comfortable ways. :)

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author avatar Denise O
15th Nov 2010 (#)

All good tips.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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