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A description of the nutritional benefits of Beta-Carotene, and it's application as a medicinal.


Most carrots in the world are grown in China, then Europe, followed by the States. They appeared in history around the 1st century, and have an Arabian origin.

People are often aware that they have a positive effect on eyesight, and they're correct to believe so, for they're heavy in carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients (when taken in moderation) reduce sight loss that is age related, studies have shown.

Vitamin A is about five times more effective as an anti-oxidant than vitamin E, with vitamin C following much further behind E. Most anti-oxidants have a particular zone that they primarily effect, bio-flavanoids from grapefruit effect the heart, ascorbic acid targets your blood vessels, melatonin effects your brain, and vitamin A targets your lungs.

Beta-carotene has a very high maximum intake limit, being harmed by taking 'too much' beta-carotene isn't feasible, however, those who are regular smokers should be warned. Taking supplements with beta-carotene, or eating carrots in excess has been shown to greatly increase your chances of developing lung cancer. From what I've seen there isn't any scientific data yet that explains why this happens, though, in theory it's your immune system attacking the tar which causes long-term inflammation. Helping your lungs' immunoactivity in this sense, can harm you.

Other vitamin A types however do not have a '~' symbol for their maximum intake level, and you should not gratuitously serve yourself vitamin A sources assuming they cannot hurt you. As stated above, vitamin A is a very powerful anti-oxidant, meaning it's highly acidic as far as anti-oxidants go, and consuming too much of other forms of vitamin A can cause serious harm to you.

It's been shown in medical science that beta-carotene increases your overall 'T-cell' variety white blood cells, as-well as increasing the 'Macrophage' variety in your lungs dramatically. Macrophages are particularly built for consuming plaque and bacteria that has clumped together, or is sticking onto something, it has three round parts connected in the shape of a triangle. One serves as the nucleus, as the other two serve as grabbers and are separated from one another, kept together by the nucleus body.

Certain infections like Tuberculosis are what macrophages work particularly well against, since this bacteria will pile up in large quantities, it's a very tiny bacteria so other white blood cells lose effectiveness against it since they cannot attack as many at a time or separate them as easily.

So from what I've written here you should now know that beta-carotene can be used as an effective treatment for upper respiratory infections, nasal infections, and other breathing complications related to air pathways. You've also learned that carrots are healthy for sight since they contain lutein and zeanxanthin. You should not take large amounts of it if you're a smoker, I believe what is considered as a smoker in these terms is one who smokes several times a week-or has in the past.

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