Beware of sugar contents in food

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Good and healthy education on food and lifestyle starts at home.

Beware of sugar contents in food

British doctors may be asking for a 20% tax imposed on all sugary food items and drinks, alarmed as they are with the increase of obesity within the population.
Say the government impose such a tax, restricts fast food and sugary drink commercials on TV, but will it sort out the problem of obesity?
The problem is that there's a sugar production surplus worldwide and such item is being included in many food items such as industrialized dairy produce or meat. Will they tell me why salami or chorizo sausages as well as many other meat products have to contain sugar even if ti's in small quantities?
In Felicity Lawrence's book ''Eat Your Heart Out'', she's already reported on the high amounts of sugar in industrialized cereals as well as other food products. They are these popular boxes of cereals that everyone places on the breakfast table every morning to feed children.
The question isn't whether a government should tax on sugary food and drinks or not, because that won't sort out the problem of obesity, but on teaching children as well as adults to eat well avoiding industrialized and convenient food as well as fast food.
If we educate children since their early age to eat well, we'll definitely have adults in good form and shape.
All sort of industrialized and convenient items that are ready to eat or to drink. Instead of buying a lemon drink, we're to buy some lemons to make a freshly squeezed drink or any other fruit. Fruit doesn't need added sugar, because it already has.
Instead of buying ready made hamburgers, we're to make our own, buying some mince at the butcher's. Instead of feeding one's children with these popular boxes of cereal, we're to get natural cereal, or still better, to get them used to other type of breakfast.
Do we want to treat ourselves and to our children? Fair enough, but it doesn't have to be industrialized items or to take them in fast food temples. We can make our own cakes or ice cream, using the best produce or we can take them to places where we know they use trustworthy ingredients.
Children will learn everything from us. If they see that we have bad habits as regards food, they'll practise them when they are adults. It's as simple as this.
British doctors may be asking for 20% tax on all sugary food and drinks, but good education on food starts at home.

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author avatar Retired
13th Jul 2015 (#)

I don't see how they can tax sugar, it's not just sugar that causes obesity or rotten teeth anyway.

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author avatar vickylass
14th Jul 2015 (#)

Everything that is on sale can be taxed and as i say it isn't only sugar to cause obesity but also fast food, but big intakes of sugar in sweets is one of them.

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author avatar simplyoj
14th Jul 2015 (#)

Taxing should not be the solution to the social obesity problem. Hi Vicky, great to see you again.

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author avatar peachpurple
23rd Sep 2015 (#)

a lot of manufactured food are high in sugar content, seems that nothing is sugarless

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author avatar vickylass
24th Sep 2015 (#)

Therefore, the less industrialized food we eat, the better. Shop fresh produce in local shops.

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