Biking to work is a healthy alternative

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Biking your way to work is a green way of traveling to your workplace and back home especially now that new technology has been introduced to the idea --- foldable bikes.

The benefits offered by a foldable bike

Biking your way to work is a green way of traveling to your workplace and back home especially now that new technology has been introduced to the idea --- foldable bikes. The emergence of such form of readily available and reasonably affordable form of work commuter transport in cities has upped the possibility of livable urban environments on a sustainable level. It also offers the average work commuter an alternative that is more cost-effective in terms of maintenance and use.

A foldable bike runs on pedal power and no amount of gas consumption is involved in the equation. What the foldable bike finds an efficient solution to, however, owing to its portability and practicality as a mode of work commuter transport, is its usefulness even in situations where the user has to travel long distances to go to work. Foldable bikes can be made compact to allow its user to bring it along even as he/she boards the average commuter train or any form of mass transit found in cities the world over. Moreover, in cities where green and carless business centers can be found, the foldable bike allows workers to travel faster from one point to another conveniently without breaching environmental zone regulations. There are other more compelling reasons to consider a foldable bike ride to the office like the following:

It is a good form of exercise.
The amount of physical activity involved in riding a bike to the office, depending on how far or near the travel is, can give you a good physical workout. Doing this on a daily basis can help get you in shape provided you invoke some discipline into your system like good dietary habits and getting the right amount of rest and relaxation.

• Biking burns calories.

All that energy you expend on bike rides, no matter how small, are liable to burn a considerable amount of calories. This can contribute to healthful weight reduction and reduced body fat mass percentage in the long run. So much so that if you feel you’ve had too much sugar and carbo on you for the past few years and need to somehow do away with the bad effects it will soon be having on your body, take foldable bike riding to work as a good excuse to do it now.

• Biking to work makes you save on travel expenses.
Take away gas consumption expenses from the equation if you drive a car to work everyday. If it’s a short distance from home you can manage pedaling to, you can save on train fare.

• It is green and sustainable.

You can do your part in preserving the environment by helping lower down carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. You also help nurture the environment by not adding to the clutter of traffic, smog, and urban noise levels on a sustainable basis.

• It is affordable and practical.
The cost of acquiring a foldable bike is very much less than that of getting a brand new car. Maintenance cost is so minimal unlike with cars that will always have worn out parts that periodically need replacement, oil that needs to be changed, exteriors and accessories that need to be kept looking good, and annual registration fees. If your main concern is getting from point A to point B with the least traffic hassle, it’s pretty obvious which one’s the more practical option.

• A foldable bike ride to the office is doable.
This is ultimately the most compelling reason especially if you know how to ride a bike. If you haven't done so all your life, it’s about time you did. If you haven’t done so in a long time, it’s high time you got back to riding one. You don't even have to worry about how you may possibly answer calls on your smartphone with your hands full at the handlebars. Let voicemail take care of that. Going back to basics is a joy in itself!


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4th Nov 2013 (#)

This is really important from while I used to work in hill tracks area, thanks for posting this.

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5th Nov 2013 (#)

You're welcome, iidob. We could all do some biking so we get less smog in the streets.

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