Bipolar Triggers To Be Aware Of

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Life can be miserable for sufferers of bipolar disorder. The moods
swings experienced are way beyond anything that resembles normal.
These moods can fluctuate to extreme highs or feeling of euphoria or
extreme lows where you just want to die. The depression can feel like
life has no meaning and you just don’t want to face anyone or

Bipolar Causes Extreme Symptoms

The frequency of the mood changes will obviously vary in each person. No-one follows the same pattern of moods. Some bouts of mania can go on for weeks and sometimes years. Experts believe that there are certain life events and personal experiences that can trigger the symptoms of Bipolar disorder.

The triggers can be one of many things or several things and these triggers could lead to mania or depressive symptoms. These are:

Using drugs or alcohol, not getting enough sleep and sudden stoppage or changes in some medication

There are certain medical conditions that could aggravate these symptoms; many bipolar sufferers have a thyroid problem. In some people; the change in season from summer to autumn, or hot weather to cold can trigger the symptoms. Not really helpful I realise, because you cannot control the weather no matter what. Even holidays where the climate was different or warmer is known to trigger these symptoms.

A falling out with friends, co-workers or family can lead to deep depression which could lead to bipolar disorder. For many people, work related stress can be another trigger, especially if things are tense at work. This can be a major problem for many of us, as it seems there is no way to escape stress at work. We are all busy and have to do what we have to do, however are we wrecking our mental health in the process.

Remembering these triggers is important if you are a sufferer of bipolar. Keeping a note book and making notes on what triggers set you off. You may not know until you start keeping a record. Asking some of your family, your partner or friends to pay attention to what happens before you have a mood swing as it can be so hard to keep tabs on what was happening before you went into full blown mania or the depths of depression. Quite honestly; once you are there in the middle of a Bipolar mood swing, you are not going to know how it was triggered. Quite simply when you are in the grip of Bipolar at it’s worst, you have no idea why you are feeling that way.

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19th Mar 2013 (#)

Having lived with someone who suffers from the disorder is hard on the family too

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author avatar Janelle Coulton
23rd Mar 2013 (#)

Thank you for your comments and for reading. Yes Bipolar can be hell on the family, and Lady Aiyanna my heart goes out to you; sounds like an awful situation.

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