Bipolar disorder

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I have done so much research into this as this has become close to my heart due to one of my close friends has been diagnosed with this.

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar (also known as manic depression) causes severe mood swings, that usually last several weeks or months and can be:

•Low mood, intense depression and despair.
•High or ‘manic’ feelings of joy, over-activity and loss of inhibitions.
•A 'mixed state' such as a depressed mood with the restlessness and over-activity of a manic episode.
•Bipolar I. There has been at least one high, or manic episode, which lasts for longer than one week. You may have only manic episodes, although most people will also have periods of depression.
•Bipolar II. Where you have more than one episode of severe depression, but only mild manic episodes (called ‘hypomania’).
•Rapid cycling. You have had more than four mood swings happen over a 12 month period. This affects around one in ten people with the condition.
•Cyclothymia . The mood swings are not as bad, but are often longer.
Symptoms include:
•Feelings of unhappiness that won’t go away
•Agitation and restlessness
•Loss of confidence
•Feeling useless, inadequate or hopeless
•Unable to think positively
•Can't concentrate or make even simple decisions
•Loss of appetite
•Sleeping problems including waking early in the morning
•Lack of interest in sex
•Avoiding other people
•Thoughts of suicide
•General elation
•Feeling more important than usual
•Full of energy or ideas; moving quickly from one idea to another
•Unable, or don't want to sleep
•More interested than usual in sex
•Making unrealistic plans
•Overactive, talking quickly
•Irritable with other people who can't go along with your mood or ideas
•Spending money recklessly

This something that should be brought out in open as more and more people are suffering with it but there is not much information out there to help people.
i found out a mate of mine got this a few months ago and i decided do some research into and find out more about it, so i can understand what she is going through.


Bipolar Disorder

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author avatar Retired
23rd Jun 2010 (#)

Good read, I've read that the novelist Hemingway had this illness too...

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author avatar Judith C Evans
29th Jun 2010 (#)

This article will help people, or at least let them know they are not alone. Well done!

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author avatar wonder
4th Jul 2010 (#)

A good research shared.

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author avatar Denise O
31st Aug 2010 (#)

I am sorry about your friends diagnoses. I too have some one I care about that is not only bipolar but, he was diagnosed as psychotic manic depressive...That would be my brother.
He is also mildly mentally challenged since birth.
He has been living with my family and I since 1996.
I hope and pray your friend is getting a lot of help, as they do need it. My brother goes to a day school from Monday through Friday and that helps.
Thanks for bringing the matter to the forefront.

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author avatar amiekendall
2nd Sep 2010 (#)

she is getting the help and she has two kids and one on the way, which every now and then she is sccared she is gonna loose them. but i love her and alwaays will be there for her

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