Black Mica a Wonder of the Natural Earth

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This page is about a mineral rock which has been discovered in Japan which is thought to have many health benefits,as well as the power to clean the most dirtiest waters.

Black Mica

It is now being made known to the world that a black rock called Black Mica has fantastic healing and nourishment power,this rock was discovered by Dr. Asao Shimanishi in the 1960's,this man has shown how this magical rock can turn whole dirty,horrible swamps into the cleanest drinking water on the planet in just a matter of hours,Black Mica is also known as biotite.
Dr.Shimanishi has invented a way to extract the minerals from the Black Mica rock into a liquid form which can then be placed into any dirty water,and it will make it supremely healthy and clean,people are consistently becoming more healthy by using it,and this may well be because the human body consists of the same building blocks as this rock.
You can type in Adya Clarity into Youtube and you will find video's showing dirty green water holes being transformed into crystal clear and pristine drinking water,it is truly amazing to watch,you can not only use this water for drinking as there will be massive health benefits in bathing or growing vegetables with it also.
The water that is cleaned with Black Mica also stays permanently clean,this is due to the contaminants never re-dissolving in the water once it is treated,the liquid form made for human consumption by Dr.Shimanishi can easily be used in the home,if you add a tiny amount to a glass of water you can see before your very eyes how this solution pulls the invisible toxins and contaminants from the water,they will clunk together and drop to the bottom making it a simple task of removing the inert substances from the water.
As well as cleaning our water of heavy metals this amazing rock is said to optimize the enzymatic process in our bodies giving us a wide range of health benefits like elimination of calcification from the brain,breasts,prostate,lungs and brain,as well as eliminating bacteria issue's in the body,removing plaque from teeth,stopping hair loss,helping pains of health conditions such as arthritis and oxygenating blood within 5 minutes of ingestion immediately improving our blood health,and much more.
This mineral is from deep underground within our earth,it can be found in Sudbury,Ontario,Sicily and Russia,I feel this is one of the most exciting discoveries that I have ever heard about and am hoping to buy some soon.
If you were to cleanse a small glass of water it would only take 30 seconds for the Black Mica to work its magic but it will take a little longer if you were cleansing,lets say a bath tub full of water,if you have your doubts then check out Youtube as it is there for all to see.


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