Body Building Meal Plan

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this page presents a meal plan that should be taken by body builders

a meal plan for body builders

Body building is commonly known to be the activity of putting into use the progressive exercises with an aim of controlling and developing the body muscles of the individual. Body building needs a meal plan to ensure that the practice is successful. The body building meal plan is developed as shown below;
Breakfast for body building meal plan is; eggs, cereals and caffeinated drink. This is a very balanced diet and it has all the required in order to maintain the body health and to ensure a good flow of the exercises all through the day.

Before lunch; white meat e.g chicken, tubers and broccoli. This is in other words called the before lunch snack. Lunch; white meat, brown meal e.g rice vegetable e.g broccoli. Mid afternoon; white meat, tuber meal e.g sweet potatoes and vegetables. Before workout; white meat, brown meal and caffeinated drink. Caffeine is well known for the stimulation of the body system, and also to keep the flow of the blood at a goo pace.

After workout; protein shake containing gluten, Creatine, and Vitargo. Dinner; Lean meat, vegetables. Night snack; some replacement shakes. The white meat in the body building meal plan is mostly chicken, the vegetable is mostly broccoli and the brown meal is mostly brown rice. Body building is a very demanding exersice that needs a healthy diet, there is a very important need to strictly follow the directions of the meal plan in order to ensure that the body has the required nutrients as well as energy. The meal should not be taken for granted, this is because of the amount of the energy that is spent during the body building exersice, and if the body does not get all the required types of food and in the right amount, then the body will be affected by the lose of energy that is not well replaced.


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