Body Tattoo is out of fashion today!

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It was iin vogue to paint or tattoo the body all over with all types of colors. But now, the young have understood the perils of removing the tattoos which is unbearable!

Is Body tattooing out of fashion?

Body tattoo was a craze some 10 years ago. Becham, Saif Ali khan, Victoria and most of the popular football players all over the world went for tattoes. The fact of the matter is – “If you are in love- get your body parts tattooed. Possibly in the parts that are often frequented by your love partner”. But no more……..The craze for body tattoing has ebbed off. In fact – the story is going backwards. These days, tattoos are coming with an additional price. No more is tattooing the most suitable option to immortalise love or to show off. Rather, patients are flocking to clinics and hospitals to remove tattoos.
Such surgeries are done by dermatologists and plastic surgeons through the dermabrasion method. "We do a sensitivity check of the skin. It is done by testing a small area on the skin after applying the tattoo removal ointment said Dr Tushar barve, a leading dermatologist in Pune
Removal of any existing tattoo may leave a scar on the skin. "Even fibrosis can happen on the skin. Moreover, due to the superficial skin removal, the operated area is prone to infections. Once the tattoo is removed, the area on which the surgery was done may change colour as well. It is important that the skin colour blends with other body parts,"
The single-colour tattoos give less trouble during removal "Coloured tattoos are extremely difficult to erase. In case more colour seeps into the skin, the result is more pigmentation. Green is the most difficult colour to remove from the tattoo. Even red, blue and pink are popular colours,"
Such rigid colours in tattoos may result in incomplete removal. "Once the tattoo removal is done from the skin, a second operation cannot be performed on the same area. Sometimes a tattoo shadow remains. It becomes permanent”

At least seven to eight sessions are required to remove a tattoo. "The price varies with the length of a tattoo and also the pigmentation. To erase a tattoo with a diameter of three inches, a patient will have to shell out $ 3,500 per session," warns aesthetic dermatologist Dr Barve.

Devices such as Q-switched lasers are used to remove tattoo pigment into particles that are cleared by the body's lymphatic system. Full removal takes several sittings, usingdifferent Q-switched lasers for different-coloured inks, said another dermatologist.
"A tattoo that cost several hundred pounds could require several thousand pounds and many laser sessions to remove", she added.
According to many Doctors dealing with the Skin, there have been a variety of claims that bad tattoo inks cause adverse effects, including allergic reactions to ink components, burning sensation. As the teenagers look for alternate craze to show their love and affection for their love partners, the Dermatologists are having a tough time handling patients who are getting married elsewhere. Or are they running to the Banks? Who knows?


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author avatar Denise O
20th Jan 2012 (#)

I am not much into tattoos but, others do like it. I think you should take all precautions when getting one. Thank you for sharing.:)

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