Borderline Personality Disorder

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Having long-term patterns of wobbly or tumultuous emotions such as feelings about themselves and others is a major characteristic of borderline personality disorder. Impulsive actions and chaotic relationships are likely to happen if these inner experiences are not taken away from his system.


The possible complications if it is left untreated are depression, drug abuse, problems with work, family and social relationships as well as suicide attempts or actual suicide.

Common Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

Identity crisis often distracted the person having this kind of disorder. This may rapidly modify their interests and values. Concept of all good and or all bad has greater concern among the people with BPD. They are also impulsive thinker that their views of other people may change promptly. People with borderline personality disorder have mood swings and it changes from time to time. When he appreciates someone today, he will look down on the next day. Relationships are easily shaken by these suddenly shifting feelings. Borderline personality disorder patients are generally having fear of abandonment. There are times that the emptiness and boredom dominate personal sensation which result to frequent display of inappropriate anger. Association of behavioral disorder may also manifest such like impulsiveness with money, substance abuse, sexual relationships, rapacious eating and shoplifting.

Major Cause
There are risk factors such like abandonment in childhood or adolescence, interrupted family life, poor communication in the family and sexual harassment. Most women and among hospitalized psychiatric patients are susceptible to borderline personality disorder.
The outlook of medication depends on the willingness of the patient to accept help and how complicated the condition is. It is also believed that the person will gradually improve through long-term talk therapy. In diagnosing personality disorder like the borderline personality disorder, it should have a thorough understanding of the disease especially the history and complexities of the symptoms. Like other medications used in different disorders, dialectical behavioral therapy, a kind individual talk therapy, can productively treat borderline personality disorder. In changing self-destructive behaviors, group therapy is advised to use for it promotes wellness to personal and social interaction. In normalizing mood swings and treating depression, proper medications will alter the occurrence of these behaviors. Borderline personality disorder may cause harm to humanity but with proper attention and care, saving lives from mental destruction is within our reach.


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