Breast cancer misdiagnosis discovered

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Even when women go for breast cancer screening, they may not be completely protected. There are cases where doctors have failed to to see breast cancer on the mammogram reports.

Breast cancer

Unless you live under a rock or on some other planet, women in Montreal are aware of the fact that after the age of 40 we should all begin breast cancer screening. It is a preventative measure that has saved many lives. Furthermore, the service is free.

Cancer screening

According to CTV News, Montrealer, Sylvia Marotte trusted the radiologist. She went to see him about a lump she had felt in her breast. He performed a mammogram and told her not to worry about it, as far as he was concerned it was just a bruise.

The pain continued and she sought a second opinion only to find that she had breast cancer which had spread from the breast to the back and then the brain.

The Quebec College of Physicians conducted an investigation and found that 109 women had been misdiagnosed. Worse still, most of these misdiagnoses were the work of the same doctor
. The doctor in question was now retired; he had misdiagnosed 96 of the 109 cases. Upon further investigation the Quebec College of Physicians found that the remaining 13 cases were misdiagnosed by radiologists who worked in the same clinics. However, the College of Physicians maintains that the 13 cases were not obvious to detect and further testing would have been required.

College president Dr. Charles Bernard says that very small lesions in the breast are very hard to detect and it takes a very skilled radiologist to find them. The College had to reexamine about 22,000 mammogram results prepared by the main doctor in question over the course of two years from October 2008 till his retirement in October 2010.

Skilled radiologists

To prevent this tragedy from reoccurring, the organization has made some recommendations for the future such as double checking the results, and digitizing the images.

Although Montreal and Quebec doctors are on board to improve the system it may be too little too late for people such as Sylvia Marotte.

"We're angry," Marotte told CTV News, sitting next to her husband at home, her bald head covered with a bandana.

"If I received treatments months before, things may have been different."

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