Bullying is Bad

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Whether it's verbal or physica,l bullying is never acceptable.

Bullying is Bad.

Bullying is one of the most soul destroying experiences that anyone should have to put up with. Children find out at a very young age, if they are slightly different in any way, the bullies will find them and prey on them. It can destroy confidence at the very least, and put them in fear of their life at the very worst. Bullies are always cowards, if confronted by anyone who stands up to them they crumble, but usually, and understandably,most victims are too scared to do this.

Bullying can take the form of physical violence, hitting pushing, or even worse behaviour, which can result in injury, or in extreme circumstances, even death. Another kind of bullying is playing havoc with the victim’s mind, trying to control their life, and their decisions, which affects confidence and self esteem, and makes a person feel violated in every way.

Some people are even bullied on line, as the written word is just as powerful as the spoken one. Menacing messages, cruel and sneering remarks, and sometimes death threats, which can make a person feel unsafe in their own home, and too scared to put their computer on.

If you are being bullied in any way, please report it, do not be ashamed, share it with those who care about you, as by highlighting the problem, you can be helped, and there is more chance of stopping the sick people who do their best to ruin lives.


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